January 2007

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Jan 29Sorted out my pictures! life
Jan 29Yay! Sorted out my pictures for 2006! life
Jan 27Welcome to the world, Alexander Nolan! friends
Jan 27It’s almost time to leave travel
Jan 24Upon further reflection, I don’t hate my thesis after all 2 research
Jan 23Meeting the European Chamber of Commerce Uncategorized
Jan 23Life in a parallel universe life
Jan 21Love life
Jan 20Learning how to shoot photography
Jan 20Stories from my dad: Politics and passing the torch family
Jan 19Motivation life
Jan 19Melt love
Jan 18Mirroring energy life
Jan 18An examined life… life
Jan 18Grazing in the bookstore reading
Jan 18Sometimes the universe gives you a sign… life
Jan 17I love to make people’s lives better family
Jan 17Creating Rainmakers 1 book
Jan 17Driving lessons II learning
Jan 17PhDcomics guy in Toronto, and I’m not there! life
Jan 16Hey! I still know how to drive! learning
Jan 15What people don’t know about me life
Jan 15Returning to chess learning
Jan 15My sister’s in love! love
Jan 15On the road to growing up life
Jan 15BBDB: Print birthdates bbdb, emacs
Jan 15Salesdogs: I’m a Chihuahua! Uncategorized
Jan 14I am everyone and no one life
Jan 14My mom, the blogger family
Jan 11Aha! life
Jan 11I should meet more people in Canada canada
Jan 11Can’t work on map-enabled prototype geek
Jan 9A tale of two houses life
Jan 9Orange and Bronze has discovered the secret to low employee turnover! friends
Jan 9Good day life
Jan 9The universe does not tolerate a chocolate deficiency sad
Jan 8Score! life
Jan 8Problems are easy to solve once identified school
Jan 8Argh. Schedule slippage. school
Jan 7Getting to know you love
Jan 7Inflection point: on the up and up school
Jan 6Neko cat
Jan 6On hold love
Jan 6You know, things aren’t so bad life
Jan 6All that is precious life
Jan 5Missing travel
Jan 5Trudging along school
Jan 4Deja vu travel
Jan 4Hate is as useful as love school
Jan 4Working through the funk travel
Jan 4Whatever gets the job done travel
Jan 4It’s nice to be missed! life
Jan 2Ay, my dad… Fireworks! family
Jan 2Checking my financial course finance
Jan 2You only live once! life
Jan 2Still getting horrible packet loss for international sites geek
Jan 2My alma mater is t3h c00l school
Jan 2The secret to waking up early life
Jan 2No ACM! school
Jan 1Big, hairy, audacious goal research
Jan 1My books are balanced finance
Jan 1Making things happen life
Jan 1Yay me! life