February 2007

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Feb 28Wow life
Feb 27For the win! life
Feb 26Nightmares life
Feb 26Walking science museum life
Feb 26Krav maga health
Feb 26Adhesion life
Feb 26Tango health
Feb 24No more Crane? life
Feb 24Quick thoughts before I go to bed life
Feb 22Yes to social networking, no to MLM connecting
Feb 21Gratitude life
Feb 20At the social media and public relations event connecting
Feb 20Much progress! school
Feb 20Edgy life
Feb 19Rediscovering the Graduate House reading room school
Feb 19Toronto Technology Week! canada
Feb 19Emacs: 15 times multiplication table emacs
Feb 19Toast cookordie
Feb 19The water boar life
Feb 19Fine, I’m on Facebook life
Feb 18Barter Network Toronto canada
Feb 18Weekly report weekly
Feb 18A place to live life
Feb 17Permission to be sad, sir! love
Feb 17My computer is groaning! geek
Feb 17Clarity love
Feb 17Movie seating for geeks geek
Feb 16The bin-packing problem 1 geek
Feb 16Matter resolved life
Feb 15Tough decisions decision
Feb 15Time to be selfish life
Feb 14No flights into New York today… 1 travel
Feb 14At the terminal travel
Feb 13Gwah life
Feb 13Help getting on my feet = priceless friends
Feb 13Crafting day at the Gorey friends
Feb 10I have the awesomest friends friends
Feb 9Snuggle friends
Feb 9What’s the scariest thing you’ve ever done? life
Feb 9Is this what a trapeze artist feels? life
Feb 9Also, positive thinking means that… life
Feb 9Found my checkbook… life
Feb 9I just have to ride out the panic… life
Feb 9Borrowed some time from my thesis… life
Feb 8Okay! I’ve got it! plans
Feb 8New plan life
Feb 8Housing life
Feb 8The paperwork is easy! canada
Feb 8Competition and cooperation geek
Feb 8I have finally caught up with LJ life
Feb 7Progress! school
Feb 7Torture philippines
Feb 6Fully booked life
Feb 6Scored a power adapter! life
Feb 6Off the phone network travel
Feb 6Level up! life
Feb 6What was I thinking? school
Feb 6Day 1 school
Feb 6Made my own lunch today! cooking
Feb 6I have so much reading to catch up on! school
Feb 6Hmm. Problem. life
Feb 6Democamp was lots of fun democamp
Feb 5I can afford to raise my rent finance
Feb 5They’re just material things… life
Feb 2At the Hong Kong International Airport travel
Feb 2All my bags are packed travel
Feb 1Job search? Company search! career
Feb 1I won’t be part of the brain drain philippines
Feb 1Home family
Feb 1My cat cat