January 2009

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Jan 30Monthly review: January 2009 monthly
Jan 30Weekly review: Week ending January 30, 2009 weekly
Jan 29Scarcity versus abundance in knowledge management 8 connecting, web2.0
Jan 28Also: a whole slew of talks and events! conference, drupal, event
Jan 28Making things up 3 learning, life
Jan 27Braindump of conference networking tips 15 conference, connecting, kaizen
Jan 27Weekly review: Week ending January 25, 2009 weekly
Jan 22Reblogged: Web 2.0, Sharing, and Uncertain Times Uncategorized
Jan 22The unexpected lightness of learning 1 learning
Jan 22When I grow up, I will have friends and strangers over for dinner 1 connecting, event, social
Jan 21Upcoming talk: Totally Rocking Your Drupal Development Environment 3 drupal, emacs, talk
Jan 20You are in a maze of twisty passages, all different; a life of many interests 6 geek, life
Jan 20A tale of a smarter planet ibm
Jan 20Lessons learned from hosting today’s IBM Web 2.0 for Business community call with Amy Shuen 5 event, ibm, reflection, web2.0
Jan 19ROI for public speaking and Web 2.0; graph and case study 2 enterprise2.0, presentation, sketches, speaking, web2.0
Jan 18Emacs basics: Changing the background color 16 emacs, wickedcoolemacs
Jan 18lifecampto event, sketches
Jan 17Ways to make winter better 7 life
Jan 16Weekly review: Week ending January 16, 2009 1 weekly
Jan 16Relationship between affection expressed by cat and person 2 cat
Jan 15Diminishing returns on cat affection 2 cat, sketches
Jan 15Travel tips 5 life
Jan 14Making people’s eyes shine with wonder 2 family, life
Jan 14Unfinished Business: Design and New Media in the Obama campaign 5 social, web2.0
Jan 14Finally decided what to do with the tax-free savings account 2 finance
Jan 13Why my cat loves sleeping on my Esc key 5 cat, sketches
Jan 12Stick figures on campus; IBM at the University of Toronto 2 ibm, presentation, sketches
Jan 12Blogging helps 2 blogging
Jan 11Finally figured out how to set up a shared Git repository 1 geek
Jan 9Being less stupid is harder than being smarter 2 kaizen, life, productivity, reflection
Jan 9Dealing with weaknesses: calendars kaizen, life
Jan 9Thinking about the Canadian Tax-free Savings Account 1 finance
Jan 9Weekly review: Week ending January 9, 2009 2 weekly
Jan 7I like Lotus Notes 8.5 =) 6 ibm, lotus
Jan 6Emacs, file-cache, and ido 3 emacs
Jan 6AutoHotkey scripts for switching to windows geek, kaizen, productivity
Jan 5Scenes from a geek life: Wireless mice 4 geek, sketches
Jan 5#lifecampto up – January 31 (Sat), 10:30 AM brunch meetup
Jan 5Weekly review: Week ending January 4, 2009 3 weekly
Jan 5GreaterIBM: Turbocharging real-life social networking events 2 connecting, ibm, web2.0
Jan 4Hooray! Tax-free savings account! 2 finance
Jan 4Ideas for making my work more effective and efficient, creating value, and rocking my work ibm, idea, work
Jan 3There are no words to describe the geeky awesomeness of this geek
Jan 3Annual letter: the numbers connecting
Jan 3Ideas for improving my website 10 idea
Jan 3Ideas for becoming a better networker 1 connecting
Jan 2Craftsmanship 9 learning, life
Jan 2“What are you planning to do in 2009?”, or thoughts about #lifecamptoronto 11 barcamp, connecting
Jan 2Sleeping Cats cat
Jan 1Homebody 1 sketches
Jan 1Happiness and cats cat