December 2008

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Dec 31Websites that write websites 1 drupal
Dec 30Not personal enough 7 life, reflection
Dec 30Two screens without rebooting, with xrandr 1 geek
Dec 29More Drupal awesomeness: hosting with aegir 2 drupal
Dec 29Learning more about Drupal 6 4 drupal
Dec 29Web 2.0 Inside and Outside the Enterprise: York University MBA event, presentation, talk
Dec 29Weekly review: Week ending Dec 28, 2008 weekly
Dec 28True Change: How Outsiders on the Inside Get Things Done in Organizations book
Dec 252008: Annus Mirabilis 3 sketches, yearly
Dec 24Sketches: 2008 highlights 1 sketches, yearly
Dec 24My Enterprise 2.0 blogroll 2 enterprise2.0, social, web2.0
Dec 22Weekly review: week ending Dec 21 1 weekly
Dec 20Summarizing my WordPress posts using XSLT; 2008 as a PDF 5 blogging, geek, wordpress
Dec 19Emacs: Working with multiple source trees emacs
Dec 18Emacs, Org, and BBDB: Hyperlinking names to blogs 1 bbdb, emacs, org
Dec 18Hosting a teleconference call event
Dec 17Leavin’ well enough alone 2 geek
Dec 17#hohoto conversations 1 braindump, toronto
Dec 16The Return on Mistakes 2 geek
Dec 16Weekly report: Week ending Dec 14 weekly
Dec 14Cintiq 12WX, OpenSuse 11.0, and much pain and suffering 7 linux
Dec 13The economics of entertaining at home 2 party
Dec 12Drupal and return on sharing 1 drupal, web2.0
Dec 12Drupal: Changing module behavior without changing the source code 7 drupal
Dec 12Twitter, Whuffie, and Amazing Connections story, web2.0
Dec 11Why automation matters to me 14 geek, kaizen
Dec 10DrupalCon 2009 abstract: Totally Rocking Your Development Environment 4 drupal
Dec 8Notes from today’s Drupal hacking 2 drupal
Dec 7Crazy business idea: videoconferencing event/party spaces =) 8 idea
Dec 7Library shortcuts 5 library
Dec 7Weekly review: Week ending Dec 7 weekly
Dec 7The benefits of writing 1 blogging
Dec 7Let’s talk about passion 3 connecting, passion
Dec 4Drupal, Makefiles: save time, make awesome 11 development, drupal, geek
Dec 4Drupal rockitude 1 development, drupal, geek
Dec 2One of Canada’s Most Influential Women in Social Media? 7 canada, life, passion, reflection, social, web2.0
Dec 2Notes from conversations: Ushnish Sengupta, consulting 1 braindump, connecting, social
Dec 1Weekly review: Week ending November 30, 2008 weekly