February 2009

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Feb 28VA Days: Rethinking web search and virtual assistance 3 kaizen
Feb 28VA Days: Refining web research process for virtual assistance 5 kaizen
Feb 26Your subconscious is your friend 2 life
Feb 25Weekly report: Week ending Feb 22, 2009 (yes, a bit late) weekly
Feb 24VA Days: Calendar Management -Uncategorized
Feb 24Feel free to use your laptop or your phone in my talks! I love the backchannel 10 presentation, speaking, web2.0
Feb 23On the other side of the (virtual) desk 2 kaizen, management
Feb 22LifeCampTO: Tweaking the plan! 5 event
Feb 21What does wild success look like? Kaizen and life; tweaking mornings 3 kaizen, life, reflection
Feb 20Scaffolds and structures 2 development, drupal, kaizen
Feb 19Creative encouragement and following passion 8 life, passion
Feb 19Reflections on presentation; looking for a coach 4 kaizen, speaking
Feb 15Luke looking up 1 cat, photography
Feb 14Weekly review: Week ending February 14, 2009 weekly
Feb 11Recording of Enterprise 2.0 and Knowledge Management lecture 3 enterprise2.0, kaizen, presentation, talk
Feb 11Notes from Enterprise 2.0 and knowledge management talk at Schulich 1 enterprise2.0, talk
Feb 11Book workflow 12 kaizen
Feb 10Talking about Enterprise 2.0 and knowledge management 2 enterprise2.0, talk, web2.0
Feb 9Planning meetings, get-togethers, and interviews with AgreeADate 4 connecting, emacs, geek, life, productivity
Feb 9DrupalCampToronto organizing notes 2 Uncategorized
Feb 8Finally got my new landing page off the ground! =) 11 drupal, geek
Feb 8Weekly report – Week ending February 8, 2009 3 weekly
Feb 5A thousand ways that didn’t work 4 geek
Feb 4Conversations about networking; scale, structure, and skills 4 connecting
Feb 3Kaizen: unsqueaking 1 kaizen, life, reflection
Feb 2LifeCampTO social graph 6 connecting, social
Feb 1Kitty TV 3 cat, photography
Feb 1Lessons from LifeCamp 8 braindump, connecting, event