March 2009

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Mar 31More thoughts on calendar management 1 kaizen
Mar 31Planning projects for April: making remote presentations that rock, managing virtual assistants 3 -Uncategorized
Mar 31Monthly review: March 2009 2 monthly
Mar 30Passions, Strengths and Goals passion
Mar 30Volunteer opportunity for teachers and retired teachers in Ontario 4 education, toronto
Mar 30Virtual assistance process: Calendar management with Timebridge process
Mar 30Quick tips for making the most of Sametime Unyte kaizen, presentation, speaking
Mar 29Virtual conferences change the game 4 presentation, speaking
Mar 29Weekly report: Week ending March 29, 2009 weekly
Mar 29New library reminder script 1 geek
Mar 29Making the most of opportunities – tips for managing time, energy, and money finance, time
Mar 28Virtual assistance process: Manage Toronto Public Library books 11 process
Mar 27Haciendo que tu entorno de desarrollo de Drupal rocks 1 drupal
Mar 27Advice to IT students: Learning to love what you might hate right now 2 career
Mar 27LifeCampTO: April 5 (Sun), 10:30am – 1:00pm, LinuxCaffe connecting, event, life
Mar 27From reactive to proactive, from inboxes to goals; thinking about the big picture 3 kaizen, life, passion, reflection
Mar 26The innovator’s innovator ibm
Mar 26RSS footers 2 blogging, wordpress
Mar 25Drupal in the Trenches: Fighting with Views 10 drupal
Mar 25Drupal gotchas: Never ever ever use anything less than module AND delta to specify blocks 4 drupal
Mar 25Upcoming Web 2.0 Conferences 2 conference, web2.0
Mar 25Ada Lovelace Day linkfest and wrapup 3 women
Mar 25Helping my parents learn more about Internet and business; any tips? 1 blogging
Mar 25Looking for female IT role models in Toronto? 1 toronto
Mar 24Tips for managing virtual assistants 2 -Uncategorized
Mar 24The Enchantress of Numbers; Happy Ada Lovelace Day! women
Mar 24Digraphs with Graphviz geek
Mar 24How to do a lot 2 career, life, productivity, reflection
Mar 23Drupal tip: Test mail sending with Devel 6 drupal
Mar 23Outsourcing processes: Wake-up call 7 process
Mar 23Wake up calls 1 -Uncategorized
Mar 22Weekly review: Week ending March 22, 2009 weekly
Mar 21Five reasons why I’m experimenting with outsourcing to virtual assistants 4 kaizen, management
Mar 19Drupal Gotcha: Watch out for $user during update.php 4 drupal
Mar 19Networking outside the firewall 2 connecting, speaking
Mar 18Improving my talk management process happy, kaizen, presentation, speaking
Mar 17Five favorite Firefox add-ons for virtual assistants 2 kaizen, productivity
Mar 17Monthly review: February 2009 monthly
Mar 17Weekly review: Week ending March 15, 2009 weekly
Mar 17Still looking for an awesome calendar management system 7 kaizen
Mar 16Tasks I’ve tried delegating to TimeSvr so far 11 -Uncategorized
Mar 15DrupalCon 2009 Recap drupal
Mar 13Making a Name for Yourself 5 career, connecting, presentation, talk
Mar 13Virtual assistance and a review of TimeSvr, ODesk 3 -Uncategorized
Mar 12Tungle for the win: kaizen and calendar management 5 kaizen
Mar 10Making a name for yourself: thinking out loud about my talk 2 career, connecting
Mar 10Weekly review: Week ending March 8, 2009 1 weekly
Mar 10Okay, even more impressed by Timebridge 1 kaizen
Mar 9Drupal gotchas: watch out for Views dependencies 2 drupal
Mar 8Reinvesting 4 finance
Mar 5Presentation Zen: Visualization of the credit crisis 2 speaking
Mar 5DrupalCon Day 1: Notes and Links from March 4, 2009 3 drupal
Mar 5IRC backchannel log for Totally Rocking Your Development Environment, DrupalCon 2009 1 drupal
Mar 3Geek cooking: In search of vanilla 7 cookordie
Mar 2Want to grow as a speaker? Look for inspiration! speaking
Mar 125 Tips for Totally Rocking Your Drupal Development Environment: pre-session notes 9 drupal, presentation
Mar 1Cookie recipe: Oatmeal (chocolate chip/raisin) cookies 2 cookordie
Mar 1Reality check! Things are awesome gen-y, happy, life, reflection
Mar 1Weekly report: week ending March 1, 2009 weekly