July 2010

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Jul 31Cool mornings 2 canada
Jul 30Finding opportunities in a big company 2 career, connecting, ibm, work
Jul 29A philosophy of sharing and a truth about teaching 8 life, reflection
Jul 28Electronic ears: Using Performous to learn how to sing 2 kaizen, life, linux
Jul 27Weekly review: Week ending July 26, 2010 1 weekly
Jul 26Living an awesome life: Not a Greek tragedy 2 happy
Jul 25Reflections from a tweetup 1 connecting
Jul 24Getting the hang of leading small things work
Jul 23Giving myself permission to delegate again 1 delegation
Jul 22Technology evangelists: What we do, how to find and hire one, how to become one 3 career, work
Jul 21Troubleshooting my Lotus Notes 8.5.2, Expeditor 6.2, and Eclipse 3.4 setup 7 development, geek, ibm, lotus
Jul 20Using org2blog to publish Org-mode subtrees 17 emacs, geek
Jul 19This is a test post from org2blog 22 emacs
Jul 18Weekly review: Week ending July 18, 2010 weekly
Jul 17Garden riches 5 gardening
Jul 16Keeping track of multiple projects 4 ibm, productivity
Jul 15Playing the long game: writing, raw material, and backups 2 blogging, writing
Jul 14Delegation and thinking about what I want to do 2 delegation
Jul 13Love and reaction 3 love
Jul 12Weekly review: Week ending July 11, 2010 weekly
Jul 11CookOrDie: Passing it on with lemon-rosemary chicken 5 cooking, cookordie, friends
Jul 10Sooner or later? Expertise and the new 1 career, ibm, work
Jul 9Yogurt, change, and growing oldness 1 life
Jul 8Monthly review: June 2010 monthly
Jul 7Get-together ideas for Toronto friends, life
Jul 6Thoughts on writing and starting again 1 braindump, writing
Jul 5Career growth in a large company career, ibm
Jul 4Weekly review: Week ending July 4, 2010 4 weekly
Jul 3Blueberry jam, apricot syrup, and kiwi jam 5 cooking, life
Jul 2Thinking about dinner parties 1 cooking, friends, life
Jul 1Tools, big companies, and collaboration 2 geek, work