August 2010

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Aug 31Limiting my options so that I can focus 8 career, life, reflection
Aug 30Week ending August 29, 2010 weekly
Aug 29Setting up my new tablet PC – apps, config, etc. 5 geek
Aug 28Drawing with my tablet 2 cat, sketches
Aug 27On a Lenovo X61 7 geek, sketches
Aug 26Proactive communication: Five tips for following up 2 communication, ibm, mentoring, productivity, work
Aug 25Keeping in touch with diffuse networks 6 connecting
Aug 24Learning storytelling from my parents 3 family
Aug 23Weekly review: Week ending August 22, 2010 weekly
Aug 22Six steps to make sharing part of how you work 12 blogging, notetaking, presentation, sketches, speaking, work
Aug 21Backyard trades canada, gardening, life
Aug 20Hypercubes, happiness, and serenity 1 happy, reflection
Aug 19Speed-reading 4 reading, sketches, tips
Aug 18Diversity and awareness of privilege 2 women
Aug 17Note-taking revisited 7 connecting, kaizen, notetaking, productivity
Aug 16Weekly review: Week ending August 15, 2010 1 weekly
Aug 15Twenty-seven; life as a twenty-six year old 6 yearly
Aug 14The delicate dance of status 3 braindump, connecting, reflection
Aug 13Reflecting on introductions 4 connecting
Aug 12Networking events 5 connecting, reflection
Aug 11Television and the push and pull of motivation family, life, reflection
Aug 10Weekly review: Week ending August 8, 2010 weekly
Aug 9Sample code for allowing drag-and-drop of Notes/Domino documents (including email) to a table in a plugin 2 geek, lotus
Aug 8Monthly review: July 2010 1 monthly
Aug 7On finding a great job 2 career, life, passion, work
Aug 6On passion and luck 9 career, life, passion
Aug 5Long weekend reflections life, productivity, reflection
Aug 4Success and blogging 3 blogging
Aug 3Two days of awesome cooking, sketches
Aug 2Weekly review: Week ending August 1, 2010 weekly
Aug 1What’s success, anyway? 7 happy, life, reflection