Sep 1 It’s okay if you can’t remember or spell my name; being human connecting
Sep 2 Book: Leading Outside the Lines book, management, organization, reading, work
Sep 3 The value of constraints life, productivity
Sep 4 Thinking of autumn gardening, life
Sep 5 Fit for You: Thinking about my priorities career, life, reflection
Sep 6 Week ending September 5, 2010 weekly
Sep 7 Redoing things family, life
Sep 8 Labour Day painting life, sketches
Sep 9 Stuff is just stuff, and experiences are just experiences life
Sep 10 Monthly review: August 2010 monthly
Sep 11 Emacs Org mode and publishing a weekly review emacs, kaizen, org, process
Sep 12 Getting the WordPress Lifestream plugin to work on my blog geek, wordpress
Sep 13 Week ending September 12, 2010 weekly
Sep 14 Filipiniana clothing, filipino, philippines
Sep 15 Towards equity
Sep 16 ‘round the bend
Sep 17 Tips for entrepreneurs entrepreneurship
Sep 17 Welcome, listeners of the Taking Notes podcast! lotus
Sep 18 Getting past generation-based conversations gen-y
Sep 19 Week ending September 19, 2010 weekly
Sep 20 What can I do to help make the world more equitable?
Sep 21 Tips from remote workers ibm, tips, work
Sep 22 Rhetoric communication, love, reading
Sep 23 Old notes on staffing a virtual conference booth conference, connecting, event
Sep 24 New note-taking workflow with Emacs Org-mode emacs, kaizen, notetaking, org, productivity
Sep 25 How to be dispensable, and why you should document and automate yourself out of a job career, tips, work
Sep 26 Week ending September 26, 2010 weekly
Sep 27 Systematically eliminating choices life
Sep 28 Book: Getting to Yes book, communication, reading
Sep 29 Book: Thank You for Arguing book, communication, reading
Sep 30 Book: How to Win Every Argument: The Use and Abuse of Logic book, reading