October 2005

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Oct 31Planner Tip #2: Streamline undated tasks emacs
Oct 30Congratulations to the ACM people! geek
Oct 30Daylight savings time -Uncategorized
Oct 30Yesterday’s Halloween party -Uncategorized
Oct 29Vision -Uncategorized
Oct 28Testing… testing… is the mic on? emacs
Oct 27Argh. Blog comment spam. -Uncategorized
Oct 27Reading bursts -Uncategorized
Oct 27If you throw enough pots, you’ll be a master potter 1 learning
Oct 27Free Penguin -Uncategorized
Oct 27Planner tip #1: Overcome inbox insanity the Planner way emacs
Oct 26Midterms and mushrooms -Uncategorized
Oct 26Joel on Software against tailoring software -Uncategorized
Oct 26planner: so addictive, even the vim people want it emacs
Oct 26Presentations and getting naked -Uncategorized
Oct 25Web Dos Beta – Spain’s grassroots Web 2.0 conference -Uncategorized
Oct 25Polyphasic sleep and Steve Pavlina geek
Oct 25Rosa Parks and software freedom -Uncategorized
Oct 24Aha! moment — 43 Emacsen — feel free to steal this idea! =) emacs
Oct 24In the arms of a stranger -Uncategorized
Oct 24Getting along with other geeks 1 geek
Oct 24Let other people help -Uncategorized
Oct 23Argh, keycaps 2 laptop
Oct 22Totally awesome start to my day -Uncategorized
Oct 20Deciding not to Ryze to the occasion -Uncategorized, connecting
Oct 20Bloglines wrap-up geek
Oct 19The sun _does_ come up after all -Uncategorized
Oct 19Post-conference blues conference, friends, life, sad
Oct 18Congratulations to the new PLUG board! linux
Oct 18Triple-headed Linux geek geek
Oct 18Talk went okay -Uncategorized
Oct 18Ryze: business networking with meetups connecting, meetup
Oct 17Another thing I noticed… -Uncategorized
Oct 17Toastmasters and speaking at technical conferences toastmasters
Oct 17Hacking for kids -Uncategorized
Oct 17Speaking -Uncategorized
Oct 16E-mail subscription! -Uncategorized
Oct 16Oi! Amazon.ca has the same list prices as Chapters! canada
Oct 16Improv comedy -Uncategorized
Oct 15Bought winter boots! canada
Oct 13Only solve the problems you need to solve -Uncategorized
Oct 13Take a risk today -Uncategorized
Oct 13Bloglines keyboard shortcuts -Uncategorized
Oct 12Stepping outside my comfort zone -Uncategorized
Oct 12Speech practice -Uncategorized
Oct 12Novell usability results -Uncategorized
Oct 12Toastmasters Humorous Speech contest tomorrow toastmasters
Oct 12Nearly full CPU utilization -Uncategorized
Oct 12MIE mishaps -Uncategorized
Oct 11Awful advertising antics and how to fix trade shows -Uncategorized
Oct 11Broadband Mechanics is hiring -Uncategorized
Oct 11When you’re between freelance projects… -Uncategorized
Oct 10Finding the common vocabulary -Uncategorized
Oct 10Corpse Bride -Uncategorized
Oct 10Get your life on -Uncategorized
Oct 10All the gory financial details finance
Oct 9Chocolate-chip oatmeal cookies -Uncategorized
Oct 9Turkey thanksgiving and Planner evangelization emacs
Oct 9Bookstores -Uncategorized
Oct 9Garlic -Uncategorized
Oct 8Who needs a gym when there’s laundry to be done? health
Oct 8Hey! I’m in the ACM Digital Library! research
Oct 8Bookmarking beyond the browser emacs
Oct 8More thoughts about Google emacs
Oct 7More thoughts about Google and projects -Uncategorized
Oct 7Enthusiasm -Uncategorized
Oct 6Tips for time management emacs
Oct 6Tips for talking to other people -Uncategorized
Oct 6Research blog -Uncategorized
Oct 6More about looking for geek role models geek
Oct 6Geek girl T-shirts women
Oct 6Google recruitment talk: Impressions -Uncategorized
Oct 6Google: Organizing the World’s Information… and Loving It! -Uncategorized
Oct 5Aha! That’s it! That’s my thing! Research as blogging blogging
Oct 5Google tech talk! -Uncategorized
Oct 4Humorous speech -Uncategorized
Oct 3Went to IBM -Uncategorized
Oct 3Cryptic crosswords -Uncategorized
Oct 1Cooking workshop -Uncategorized