September 2005

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Sep 30On boycotts and lower gas prices 1 life
Sep 30Watched improv comedy life
Sep 29Synchronicity -Uncategorized
Sep 29Not joining the Rotary Club connecting
Sep 29More about lectures -Uncategorized
Sep 28On the Philippine Question -Uncategorized
Sep 28Voice messaging network -Uncategorized
Sep 28More collaborative software -Uncategorized
Sep 28Jotspot Live -Uncategorized
Sep 28Collaboration -Uncategorized
Sep 28Cognitive analysis of tagging research
Sep 28Learning changes -Uncategorized
Sep 28Forrester Consumer Forum report -Uncategorized
Sep 28Solopreneurship and the Tipping Point entrepreneurship
Sep 28Finding names: the 100th monkey -Uncategorized
Sep 27Lentil lunacy -Uncategorized
Sep 27Lapping up lentils -Uncategorized
Sep 27What do I want to do with my life? plans
Sep 26On polls and the ‘best’ -Uncategorized
Sep 26Achievement! -Uncategorized
Sep 26David Allen rescues kittens -Uncategorized
Sep 26I didn’t lose the stamps after all! life
Sep 26Not a geek for nothing -Uncategorized
Sep 26Brain Gain Network -Uncategorized
Sep 25On booth babes and sex in technology women
Sep 25Wiki for rolemodels -Uncategorized
Sep 25Looking for role models: Marissa Mayer women
Sep 25Stranger and stranger -Uncategorized
Sep 25Business speaker in the Philippines: Bob Martin, ex-CEO of Walmart philippines
Sep 24More about Spec Ops philippines
Sep 24Annoyed with self 1 life
Sep 24Blog envy emacs
Sep 23Discovering my inner nerd II geek
Sep 23Wrestling with Windows geek
Sep 22Pleased with myself -Uncategorized
Sep 21Headless chicken impression -Uncategorized
Sep 20Changed commenting system -Uncategorized
Sep 20Comments! Finally! emacs
Sep 20Mac -Uncategorized
Sep 19Hmm. Must hack my breathing. -Uncategorized
Sep 19Networking for Geeks: Finding the Bleeding Edge through connecting, geek
Sep 18Pinoy Teachers Network -Uncategorized
Sep 18Awww, how sweet! -Uncategorized
Sep 18Walked for 5 hours today emacs
Sep 18Great job ad -Uncategorized
Sep 18Technology transforming education -Uncategorized
Sep 18Programming languages: Quantity? Quality? I think we’re asking the wrong question. emacs
Sep 17Oooooh. Linux Journal editorial calendar up! geek
Sep 17More about call centers -Uncategorized
Sep 17The Great Merge emacs
Sep 17Remembrance agent for GUIs for the Mac -Uncategorized
Sep 17Pfft. Open source isn’t much better at dealing with this. -Uncategorized
Sep 17Phonecards -Uncategorized
Sep 17Microsoft booth babes -Uncategorized
Sep 16Silk-screening workshop learning
Sep 16Geekwear emacs
Sep 16Places to shop -Uncategorized
Sep 15Discovering exercise -Uncategorized
Sep 14Discovering my inner nerd -Uncategorized
Sep 14Teaching assistantship -Uncategorized
Sep 13ACM training again -Uncategorized
Sep 13Presentation insights from science competitions speaking
Sep 12Spending time with my mom family
Sep 12Life on a good network -Uncategorized
Sep 11Sprinting emacs
Sep 9Planner for Eclipse? emacs
Sep 9Personal productivity reading list productivity
Sep 9New planner tweak: sort tasks by time emacs
Sep 9Notes from meeting with Stephen Perelgut, Neil Ernst and Alvin Chin -Uncategorized
Sep 8What’s this? I’ve been fooled! 2 life
Sep 8Planning reflection emacs
Sep 8Social software -Uncategorized
Sep 8Personalized personal information management systems emacs
Sep 8Research interest: social information systems? -Uncategorized
Sep 8MIE1407F: Engineering Psychology and Human Performance -Uncategorized
Sep 8On social networks -Uncategorized
Sep 7One of the coolest things about publishing your task list -Uncategorized
Sep 6Fixed -Uncategorized
Sep 6Shameless plug for Software Freedom Day -Uncategorized
Sep 4Developing a system -Uncategorized
Sep 4Being in the moment -Uncategorized
Sep 4Love love
Sep 4Lifehack from Mom: Drying your drip-dry and dry-flat clothes? No problem! family
Sep 3Book notes: The 5 patterns of extraordinary careers book
Sep 3Learning how to be an adult -Uncategorized
Sep 2Teaching Carnival -Uncategorized
Sep 2Penguin powwow -Uncategorized
Sep 2Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahoooooooooooo! Published! emacs
Sep 2Book notes: Life Matters book
Sep 2Book notes: Rules for the Road book
Sep 2Book notes: Financial Freedom on $5 a Day book
Sep 1Progress at cooking! cooking