October 2010

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Oct 31Weekly review: Week ending October 31, 2010 weekly
Oct 30Emacs, keypresses, and why keyboard combinations aren’t that scary 17 emacs
Oct 29Speaking: In case of emergency, break glass 2 presentation, speaking
Oct 28Notes from Quantified Self Toronto, October 27, 2010 2 geek, life, quantified, sketches, sketchnotes
Oct 27"But what can I talk about?" Toastmaster tactics for tackling topics 4 presentation, speaking, tips, toastmasters
Oct 26How I got into computer science 2 geek, life
Oct 25Weekly review: Week ending October 24, 2010 weekly
Oct 24Thinking about getting better at writing 6 blogging, delegation, kaizen, writing
Oct 23Drupal Features and Drush: updating our development workflow 2 drupal, geek, work
Oct 22Book: Critical inquiry: the process of argument book, reading
Oct 21Saving development time through virtual appliances 7 development, drupal, geek, work
Oct 20Memories of Mandelbrot 1 geek, ibm
Oct 19Notes from DrupalCampToronto 2010 2 drupal, geek, work
Oct 18Book: Fast Track Networking: Turning Conversations into Contacts 2 book, connecting, reading
Oct 17Weekly review: Week ending October 17, 2010 weekly
Oct 16Back on the writing wagon family, writing
Oct 15Toaster’s toasted geek, life
Oct 14Placeholder: The Examined Life: Technology and Experimentation presentation, speaking
Oct 13Monthly review: September 2010 monthly
Oct 12Week ending October 10, 2010 weekly
Oct 8Cleaning up HTML from Microsoft Word 5 tips
Oct 7Lotus Notes mail practices lotus
Oct 3Quick catch-up 1 Uncategorized
Oct 2Married! 38 Uncategorized
Oct 1The Exploratorium, or playgrounds for the mind 2 family, life