February 2013

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Feb 28Rediscovering Emacs features, or what to do after you get carried away installing packages 5 emacs, org
Feb 27Appreciating people 2 Uncategorized
Feb 26Lists and actions: Learning how to hack my way around the impostor syndrome life
Feb 25Decision update: HackLab.TO 1 decision, review
Feb 23Weekly review: Week ending February 22, 2013 1 weekly
Feb 22Seeing the futures planning, plans
Feb 21Things I learned from the GenArtHackParty geek, kaizen
Feb 20Transcript of my chat with Mike Rohde (The Sketchnote Podcast) on digital sketchnoting 4 drawing
Feb 19Business experience report: Passing my first annual resolutions business
Feb 18Weekly review: Week ending February 15, 2013 1 weekly
Feb 17Dealing with distractions productivity
Feb 15Dealing with presentation block presentation, speaking
Feb 14Dealing with professional envy 1 career
Feb 13Starting from scratch with Windows 8 geek
Feb 12Developing a sense of time with Tasker alerts on my Android phone 5 geek
Feb 10Weekly review: Week ending February 8, 2013 weekly
Feb 8What I’m learning from the sketchnote index 2 learning
Feb 7Thinking about joining HackLab.to 3 decision
Feb 6Monthly review: January 2013 monthly, review
Feb 5Quantified Awesome: Time and building mastery 3 quantified
Feb 4Disabling touch on Windows 8 on a Lenovo X220 tablet 2 geek
Feb 2Weekly review: Week ending February 1, 2013 1 weekly
Feb 1Moving my memory outside my brain 6 life