June 2014

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Jun 30Reflections on Aristotle, ends, and leisure 2 life, reflection
Jun 29Weekly review: Week ending June 27, 2014 review, weekly
Jun 28A long, long weekend 2 life
Jun 26Read Lisp, Tweak Emacs (Beginner 4/4): “How can I add more features? How do I deal with errors?” 3 emacs
Jun 25This is the year I’m going to build an exercise habit 2 life
Jun 24I notice I have cyclic interests learning
Jun 23The garden is becoming part of my daily life 1 gardening
Jun 22Weekly review: Week ending June 20, 2014 review, weekly
Jun 20Dealing with the doldrums 2 life
Jun 19Read Lisp Tweak Emacs (Beginner 3/4): How can I make things more convenient? 4 emacs
Jun 18Baby steps towards investing 2 finance
Jun 17Summarizing the last meeting dates in Org Contacts emacs, org
Jun 16Realistic expectations, ruthless elimination, and rapid exploration 4 productivity
Jun 15In the garden gardening
Jun 14Weekly review: Week ending June 13, 2014 review, weekly
Jun 13Read Lisp Tweak Emacs [Beginner 2/4]: How to understand what Emacs Lisp code does 1 emacs
Jun 12Quantified Awesome: Added sparklines and percentages 1 quantified
Jun 11Slowly getting the hang of Clojure 4 geek
Jun 10Dealing with uncertainty 1 life
Jun 9SSL issues after moving to Ubuntu Precise geek
Jun 8Weekly review: Week ending June 6, 2014 review, weekly
Jun 6What could Emacs coaching look like? 1 emacs
Jun 5Read Lisp, Tweak Emacs [Beginner 1/4]: How to try Emacs Lisp 4 emacs
Jun 4Monthly review: May 2014 1 monthly, review
Jun 3Emacs: beginner, intermediate, advanced 3 emacs
Jun 2What am I learning about and what can I write about more? 1 life
Jun 1Weekly review: Week ending May 30, 2014 weekly