May 1 On why frugal me is cool with paying other people to do things delegation, finance
May 2 Getting R and ggplot2 to work in Emacs Org Mode Babel blocks; also, tracking the number of TODOs emacs, org, quantified
May 3 Emacs Chat: Xah Lee (ErgoEmacs) Emacs Chat, podcast
May 3 Weekly review: Week ending May 2, 2014 weekly
May 5 2048 in Emacs, and colours too emacs
May 6 Thinking about what I want to do with my time decision, experiment, planning, time
May 7 Making my Emacs-related blog posts available for offline reading emacs
May 8 Monthly review: April 2014 monthly, review
May 9 Update on time tracking with Quantified Awesome and with Emacs quantified
May 11 Emacs Chat: Phil Hagelberg emacs, Emacs Chat, podcast
May 11 Weekly review: Week ending May 9, 2014 weekly
May 12 How to update the Org 7 that comes with Emacs to Org 8 (more configuration! better exports!) emacs, org
May 13 Small talk tweaks connecting, kaizen
May 14 Visual book notes: Mastery (Robert Greene) visual-book-notes
May 15 Things to do when you aren't sure what to do with your life planning
May 17 Planning an e-mail-based course for Emacs Lisp emacs, teaching
May 19 Weekly review: Week ending May 16, 2014 weekly
May 19 Three productivity tools productivity
May 20 Emacs Chat: Bozhidar Batsov emacs, Emacs Chat, podcast
May 20 Mental hacks for slower speech communication, kaizen, speaking
May 21 Cobbling together a semi-auto-responder using Emacs, Gnus, and org-contacts emacs, org
May 22 How to draw a visual summary of a book drawing
May 23 Writing for myself -Uncategorized
May 26 Weekly review: Week ending May 23, 2014 weekly
May 27 More gardening notes gardening
May 28 Reflecting on risk aversion experiment
May 29 Playing around with Clojure, Cider, and 4Clojure emacs, org
May 30 Hmm, maybe I'm not slacking off after all experiment, quantified
May 31 Emacs Chat: Christopher Wellons emacs, Emacs Chat, podcast
May 31 Emacs Chat: Oh no, my chat with Bodil Stokke didn't get recorded! emacs