November 2014

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Nov 30Weekly review: Week ending November 28, 2014 review, weekly
Nov 28Figuring out my own path to awesomeness purpose
Nov 27Keeping (financial) score with Ledger 6 finance
Nov 26Figuring out how my temporary sleep schedule interacts with programming, writing, and drawing 6 kaizen, productivity
Nov 25Using Org Mode to keep a process journal 3 emacs, org
Nov 24Thinking about word counts and chunks 5 blogging
Nov 22Weekly review: Week ending November 21, 2014 review, weekly
Nov 21Keeping a process journal learning, writing
Nov 20Beginner web dev tip: Use Inspect Element to learn more about HTML and CSS on a page 3 geek
Nov 19First steps towards Javascript testing development, geek
Nov 18Emacs: Limiting Magit status to a directory 2 emacs
Nov 17My current book workflow 4 reading
Nov 15Weekly review: Week ending November 14, 2014 1 review, weekly
Nov 14What could I do if I showed up in a bigger way? 5 experiment, plans
Nov 13The Google Chrome extensions I use 6 geek
Nov 12Dealing with uncertainty one step at a time life
Nov 11Emacs: Evaluating Javascript and CSS in Chrome using Skewer Mode 3 emacs, geek
Nov 10Planning little improvements kaizen, learning, plans
Nov 9Weekly review: Week ending November 7, 2014 3 review, weekly
Nov 7Rethinking delegation delegation
Nov 6Experimental Emacs Hangout 2014-11-05 1 emacs
Nov 5Cooking at Hacklab: Coconut barfi cooking
Nov 4Emacs, coaching, and unknowns: Figuring out what I want to learn 4 emacs
Nov 3Monthly review: October 2014 monthly, review
Nov 1Weekly review: Week ending October 31, 2014 review, weekly