October 2014

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Oct 31Publishing WordPress thumbnail images using Emacs and Org2Blog 4 blogging, emacs, org, wordpress
Oct 30Planning for winter – tweaking my layers canada, life
Oct 29Emacs hangout notes 18 emacs
Oct 29Hacklab Cooking: Thai curry from scratch, and coconut tapioca pudding too cooking
Oct 28Cupcake challenge: accepted! 1 cooking
Oct 27Upgrading from Rails 3 to Rails 4; thank goodness for Emacs and rspec development, emacs, rails
Oct 26Weekly review: Week ending October 24, 2014 review, weekly
Oct 24Coming to terms with online courses 3 learning
Oct 23On “Hell, yeah! or No” and other approaches decision, passion
Oct 22Reflecting on motives purpose
Oct 21Sleep as Android 3 android, geek
Oct 20Microsoft Excel: Converting a summary table / crosstab back into data rows 17 geek
Oct 19Weekly review: Week ending October 17, 2014 review, weekly
Oct 17Sometimes – often – I don’t feel like making conversation connecting
Oct 16More lessons learned from the recent sprints 2 work
Oct 15Tablet thoughts 13 geek
Oct 14Reflecting on my growth as a programmer 2 career, development
Oct 13Improving my response to oopses communication
Oct 12Weekly review: Week ending October 10, 2014 review, weekly
Oct 10Monthly review: September 2014 monthly, review
Oct 9Leveling up in cooking 3 cooking
Oct 8Questionnaires from people blogging, writing
Oct 7Becoming a better reader 2 reading
Oct 6Level up! Making IKEA-compatible shelves 2 life
Oct 5Reducing my consulting 2 business, experiment
Oct 4Weekly review: Week ending October 3, 2014 review, weekly
Oct 3Avoiding spoilage with bulk cooking 5 cooking, kaizen
Oct 2Planning for possibilities planning
Oct 1Brock Health and setting up my own health plan business