Dec. 1 Recording from Emacs Hangout #2 emacs, podcast
Dec. 2 Learning slack experiment
Dec. 3 Improving how I organize notes with Org Mode emacs, kaizen, org
Dec. 4 Monthly review: November 2014 monthly, review
Dec. 5 Emacs Chat: Karl Voit emacs, Emacs Chat, org, podcast
Dec. 7 Weekly review: Week ending December 5, 2014 review, weekly
Dec. 8 Emacs configuration and use-package emacs
Dec. 9 Sketchnote Army Interview: Sacha Chua drawing, visual
Dec. 10 Emacs: M-y as helm-show-kill-ring emacs
Dec. 11 Where am I in terms of design? design
Dec. 12 Building a better time machine blogging, writing
Dec. 13 Sketched Book: Just F*cking Ship – Amy Hoy, Alex Hillman entrepreneurship, productivity, visual-book-notes
Dec. 14 Weekly review: Week ending December 12, 2014 review, weekly
Dec. 15 Sketched Book: The Stoic Art of Living: Inner Resilience and Outer Results – Tom Morris philosophy, visual-book-notes
Dec. 16 Connecting to previous thoughts and covering more ground learning
Dec. 17 Learning more effectively by exploring various unknowns learning
Dec. 18 Emacs Hangout #3: Emacs can read your mind emacs
Dec. 19 Figuring out what to read by figuring out what you want to become or make or do learning, plans, reading, writing
Dec. 22 Weekly review: Week ending December 19, 2014 review, weekly
Dec. 22 Exploring sketchnote colour styles drawing, sketches, visual
Dec. 23 Making personal blogs useful for other people too blogging, writing
Dec. 24 Emacs kaizen: ace-jump-zap lets you use C-u to zap to any character emacs
Dec. 25 Relaxed routines experiment, productivity
Dec. 26 When you feel like you’re spending a lot of time on low-impact activities experiment, productivity, purpose, quantified, time
Dec. 28 Weekly review: Week ending December 26, 2014 review, weekly
Dec. 29 Sketched Book: The Inner Game of Work – W. Timothy Gallwey visual-book-notes
Dec. 30 Start your titles with a verb to make them stronger; or reflections on titles, filler phrases, and my life as a gerund reflection, writing
Dec. 31 Org Mode publishing workflow for Sketched Books collection emacs, org, publishing