May 2009

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May 30Taking the Stage 3 leadership, life
May 29Finally figured out what to do with presentation templates! =) presentation, speaking
May 29No magic beans required 1 life
May 28Helping people learn about Web 2.0 through stories 3 web2.0
May 28Drupal from the trenches: This is my game 2 drupal, geek, goodkarma
May 27The Read/Write Internet: Advice to students 5 presentation
May 25Drupal in the trenches: AJAX history makes my brain hurt 6 drupal
May 24More gardening 6 gardening
May 23Purple carrots 1 gardening, gen-y
May 22Weekly review: Week ending May 22, 2009 weekly
May 22Monthly review: April 2009 monthly
May 22Drupal: Timezones and places drupal, geek
May 21Drupal from the trenches: Database glitches 1 drupal, geek
May 19Weekly review: week ending May 18, 2009 weekly
May 17Cintiq 12WX on Ubuntu Jaunty with ATIconfig 2 geek, linux
May 16Virtual assistance: Process for managing my to-read books 1 delegation
May 15Sewing, or on soldiering on sewing
May 15I am a young shock-worker 4 geek, sketches
May 15Refuse to Choose: or life is a many-splendoured thing 10 life, reflection
May 15Thank you, Lotus forums! 2 geek
May 15Sewing: Of sewing more dresses and making more pots 1 sewing
May 14Thinking about the next summer dress I’m going to make sewing
May 14Drupal: I’m learning how to be a JQuery/Date+Calendar ninja! =) 4 drupal
May 14Learning from Gen Y: Help needed! gen-y
May 12Smiling over a distance 2 work
May 12A love affair with books 3 love
May 10Making things; Vogue 8020 2 sewing
May 10Weekly review: Week ending May 10, 2009 weekly
May 9Delegating weaknesses; experimenting with social secretaries 3 connecting, delegation
May 7Putting together an inspiration board 1 sewing
May 7Yes, I work at a big company 5 career, ibm, work
May 5Thinking about organizing sewing patterns 4 sewing
May 5Just a simple red skirt sewing
May 4Weekly report: Week ending May 3, 2009 weekly
May 4Getting started with virtual assistance 1 delegation