April 2009

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Apr 30Tips for getting started with virtual assistance 5 delegation
Apr 28Getting better at writing design documents 1 geek
Apr 27The ups and ups of Mondays 1 life
Apr 27Notes from a conversation with Isaac Ezer and Andrew Louis Uncategorized
Apr 26Science Rendevous, May 9 11 AM – 5 PM, Toronto geek
Apr 25Caturday cat, sketches
Apr 25Making some wool skirts sewing
Apr 24Thinking about those newsletters 4 connecting
Apr 24Weekly report: Week ending April 24, 2009 weekly
Apr 24Mapping my work happiness 2 career, life, sketches
Apr 24On the practice of happy-do 6 life, sketches
Apr 23Drupal staging and deployment tips: It’s all code 21 drupal
Apr 23Mapping what makes me happy 2 life, sketches
Apr 21Learning to play the piano 8 life
Apr 21Software reconstruction 1 drupal
Apr 20Q1 2009 Newsletter 1 Uncategorized
Apr 20My financial network map and virtual envelope system 12 finance
Apr 19Managing virtual assistants: Imagining more possibilities 7 delegation
Apr 18Weekly report: Week ending April 18, 2009 weekly
Apr 17Sketches: Do these look like cats to you? =) 6 cat, sketches
Apr 16One stick figure’s day 4 sketches
Apr 15Reflecting on public speaking and my talk management system kaizen, presentation, speaking
Apr 15Quarterly review: Q1 2009 4 Uncategorized
Apr 14Managing virtual assistants: My process for managing talk deadlines and information -Uncategorized
Apr 14Young and savvy finance, gen-y
Apr 14How to extract just the audio from Sametime Unyte recordings, on Linux linux, presentation
Apr 12Weekly report: Week ending April 12, 2009 weekly
Apr 11Riding on my bicycle; taking advantage of novelty 2 life
Apr 11Seven tips for making better presentations 2 presentation, speaking
Apr 10Finding finishers, building a team connecting
Apr 10Enterprise 2.0: The business value of social networks 6 enterprise2.0, happy, research, web2.0
Apr 10My Drupal Makefile 5 drupal
Apr 6Weekly report: Week ending April 5, 2009 2 weekly
Apr 6Nothing quite like Org for Emacs 32 emacs, productivity
Apr 4Managing virtual assistants: the surprising benefits of transcription 3 speaking
Apr 3Thinking about making ridiculous amounts of money 11 finance
Apr 2Remote presentations that rock: Challenges and opportunities of remote presentations presentation, speaking
Apr 2Lessons learned from this phase of our Drupal project 4 drupal, kaizen
Apr 1Ethics and egos in virtual assistance and relationships 1 connecting