March 2010

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Mar 31Dusting off my Emacs config files 2 emacs
Mar 30Monthly review: March 2010 monthly
Mar 29Weekly review: Week ending March 28, 2010 weekly
Mar 28From delegation to automation 3 delegation
Mar 27Automation 1 emacs
Mar 26Missing something I love about presentations sketches, speaking
Mar 25Reflections on PresentationCampToronto 2 kaizen, speaking
Mar 24How to get people to read your blog post 1 blogging, tips, writing
Mar 23Presentation kaizen: Seven everyday ways to become a better presenter 5 kaizen, presentation, sketches, speaking
Mar 23How to brain-dump what you know 5 blogging, braindump, ibm, writing
Mar 22Weekly review: Week ending March 21, 2010 1 weekly
Mar 21Learning from interviews 2 mentoring
Mar 20Coaching people on how to give better remote presentations – Thinking out loud 2 business, mentoring, presentation, speaking
Mar 19Braindump: Presentation kaizen 1 braindump, speaking
Mar 18Welcome to IBM! Advice for other newcomers like me 2 career
Mar 17Book recommendations for new grads 1 career, kaizen, learning, reading
Mar 16Experiment: Shopping for groceries online 4 cooking
Mar 15Weekly review: Week ending March 14, 2010 weekly
Mar 14Steeped in collaboration 1 career, reflection
Mar 13Kitchen kaizen cooking, kaizen, life
Mar 12What do I want to learn? Making a map 1 ibm, learning, life, planning, plans, work
Mar 11Leadership going virtual: how we can help managers ibm, leadership, management
Mar 10Thinking about what I want to do with IBM career, ibm, passion, planning, plans
Mar 9Experiments as a presenter 1 speaking
Mar 8Weekly review: Week ending March 7, 2010 weekly
Mar 7An abundance of opportunities 1 presentation, speaking
Mar 6On circumstances and somebodies 6 life, passion, reflection
Mar 5A little less wise, a little more awesome life, love
Mar 5What I learned from The Art of Marketing conference, marketing, work
Mar 4Presentation lessons from Ignite; deliberate practice kaizen, presentation, speaking, tips
Mar 3Not just a word 4 learning, life, mentoring, reflection
Mar 2Thoughts on preparing an Ignite-style presentation braindump, presentation, speaking
Mar 1Monthly review: February 2010 monthly
Mar 1Weekly review: Week ending February 28, 2010 1 weekly
Mar 1The Shy Presenter: Why conventional advice on learning public speaking sucks, and how to really get started 5 presentation, speaking