February 2010

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Feb 28Getting ready for a new adventure 4 life, love
Feb 27On vintage portaits and wedding photography 4 Uncategorized
Feb 26The Shy Presenter: braindumping an introvert’s guide to public speaking 1 braindump, presentation, speaking
Feb 25Thinking about indexing and connecting the dots connecting, ibm, kaizen, reflection
Feb 24Wiki organization challenge – thinking out loud 1 ibm, organization, work
Feb 23Winter 1 life
Feb 22Seeds 2 family, gardening, life, passion, reflection
Feb 21Weekly review: Week ending February 21, 2010 2 weekly
Feb 21Circuses, pots, and cathedrals: three key stories 2 passion, reflection, story
Feb 20Patternicity, how things come together, and happiness 5 happy, reflection
Feb 19The sweet spot at work career, ibm, passion, reflection
Feb 18It’s not what you can’t write, it’s what you need to share 6 blogging, reflection
Feb 17Experiments in awesome 2 cooking, cookordie, life, reflection
Feb 16Fixing SIOCSIFFLAGS: Unknown error 132 for Karmic wireless on Asus Eee 1008HA 14 geek, linux
Feb 16Personal blog? Don’t worry about your strategy 18 blogging, writing
Feb 15Weekly review: Week ending February 14, 2010 weekly
Feb 15Kaizen: WITI: The Shy Connector kaizen, presentation, speaking
Feb 14How not to propose marriage 5 life, love, story
Feb 13Visualization of my blog categories 5 blogging, visual
Feb 12Wiki information architecture thoughts 1 organization, tips
Feb 11Writing for love and fun 2 blogging, writing
Feb 10Harvesting the backchannel bazaar of insights ibm, presentation, speaking
Feb 9Notes from WITI: The Shy Connector 7 connecting, presentation, speaking, women
Feb 9Bug-hunting spreadsheets 1 geek, ibm, work
Feb 8ACM Hypertext conference in Toronto this June; paper deadline Feb 14 1 conference, event, research
Feb 8Weekly review: Week ending February 7, 2010 1 weekly
Feb 8Lessons learned from microblogging talk 1 presentation, speaking
Feb 7Teapot life
Feb 6Moving from testing to development 37 career, development, ibm, mentoring, sketches
Feb 5I’d like to build the post-connector workplace 1 connecting, enterprise2.0, ibm, social, web2.0
Feb 4Monthly highlights: January 2010 1 monthly
Feb 3Survey responses for TLE: Remote Presentations That Rock 1 ibm, kaizen, learning, presentation, speaking, work
Feb 2Learning more about interviewing 1 ibm, mentoring, work
Feb 1Weekly review: Week ending January 31, 2010 1 weekly
Feb 1Always look on the bright side of life canada, life