April 2010

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Apr 30Paper is the new PowerPoint speaking, visual
Apr 29On stores and surroundings life, sketches
Apr 28Smarter leaders braindump (long, visual) braindump, leadership, sketches
Apr 28Stitching together a semi-rotational program; training is not the limiting factor 1 career, ibm, leadership, reflection, sketches
Apr 27What do I hope to inspire people to do and be? 3 passion, reflection, sketches
Apr 26Weekly review: Week ending April 25, 2010 weekly
Apr 25Women and technical leadership career, leadership, women
Apr 24My cats have been teaching me how to draw cat, sketches
Apr 23Forgot my keys; automating memory 9 kaizen
Apr 23The problem with personal branding 10 blogging, connecting, web2.0
Apr 22Thoughts on presenting: I love the backchannel braindump, presentation, reflection, speaking
Apr 21New hires, ignorance and innovation 2 ibm
Apr 20Being visible reflection
Apr 19Weekly review: Week ending April 18, 2010 weekly
Apr 19SimpleXML and Xpath problems solved 1 geek
Apr 18In my dreams of wild success 5 career, passion, work
Apr 17Tea 2 friends, party, sketches
Apr 16Thinking about mentoring mentoring
Apr 15On getting started with collaboration 1 ibm, web2.0
Apr 14From the ground up: Helping our organizations work smarter 1 ibm, leadership, work
Apr 13For love of numbers 5 finance
Apr 12Weekly review: Week ending April 11, 2010 weekly
Apr 11I heart gardening gardening, sketches
Apr 10Show your work 1 blogging, leadership, learning, sketches, writing
Apr 9Find your wall 1 life, reflection, sewing, sketches
Apr 8Large team challenges 1 enterprise2.0, sketches, web2.0
Apr 7Technical leadership career, leadership, work
Apr 6Weekly review: Week ending April 4, 2010 weekly
Apr 5Happiness at work career, happy, ibm, reflection, work
Apr 4Unstructured time update life, time
Apr 3WordPress admin screen tweaks blogging, geek, kaizen, wordpress
Apr 2IgniteToronto video: The Shy Presenter 2 presentation, speaking
Apr 2On role models love, reflection
Apr 1Thinking about travel career, ibm, travel, work