Dec. 1 Sometimes you have to work at being happy happy
Dec. 2 Quantified Self Toronto: Second Meetup android, geek, life, quantified, sketches, sketchnotes
Dec. 3 More thoughts on week beginnings: it’s about being proactive life, productivity, reflection, sketches
Dec. 4 Happy holidays, eh! sketches
Dec. 6 Weekly review: Week ending December 3, 2010 weekly
Dec. 6 Monthly review: November 2010 monthly
Dec. 7 Taho filipino, philippines
Dec. 8 Writing about lots of different kinds of things blogging, writing
Dec. 9 Making the most of the conference hallway track conference, connecting, tips
Dec. 9 Sketchnotes: The Science of Blogging: Dan Zarrella (Hubspot) blogging, sketchnotes
Dec. 10 What if sharing knowledge could make a difference between life and death? blogging
Dec. 10 Understanding analytics for personal blogs blogging
Dec. 11 Weekly review: Week ending December 10, 2010 weekly
Dec. 11 XKCD, tic-tac-toe, and fractal goodness geek
Dec. 12 Happy Holidays, Eh! First edition greeting card giveaway drawing, kaizen, sketches
Dec. 13 Conference tips: planning your attendance conference, connecting, tips
Dec. 14 Android life so far android, emacs
Dec. 15 Android Tasker: Setting time limits for Angry Birds and other timesucks android
Dec. 16 More MobileOrg hacking on the Android android, emacs, org
Dec. 17 Test-driven development and happiness development, drupal, geek
Dec. 18 Weekly review: Week ending December 18, 2010 weekly
Dec. 19 Reflecting on life as an experiment, gender gaps, and privilege quantified, women
Dec. 20 Yearly review: 2010 sketches, yearly
Dec. 21 Code and consulting geek
Dec. 21 What’s coming up in Emacs 24 emacs
Dec. 22 More reflections on code and consulting career, geek, reflection, work
Dec. 23 Using Simpletest and spreadsheets to populate Drupal with data drupal, geek
Dec. 24 Reflections on mentoring new developers in Drupal drupal, geek, mentoring
Dec. 25 Weekly review: Week ending December 24, 2010 weekly
Dec. 26 Drupal fixes: Modifying the entries in Calendar drupal, geek
Dec. 27 The great washing machine adventure life
Dec. 28 Ten lessons learned from disassembling and rebuilding our washing machine geek, love
Dec. 29 Blogging and conference networking tips blogging, conference, connecting, tips
Dec. 30 Thinking about time tracking geek, quantified
Dec. 31 Thinking about housework life, productivity