Jan 1 Weekly review: Week ending December 31, 2010 weekly
Jan 3 Sick days life, sketches
Jan 4 Momentum and holidays life, productivity
Jan 5 Sketches: If you want to make the most of your next conference, you should blog blogging, sketches, tips
Jan 5 Marking up books book, reading
Jan 6 Moving my book notes online emacs, reading
Jan 7 Emacs, BBDB, and getting your contacts on the Android or iPhone android, bbdb, emacs
Jan 8 Weekly review: Week ending January 7, 2011 weekly
Jan 10 Snippets from life life
Jan 10 Work on the business from the outside, not in it – Book: Effortless entrepreneur book, entrepreneurship, reading
Jan 11 Wrapping up projects and preparing for the next one career, ibm, work
Jan 13 Three tips for cheerful chores life, productivity
Jan 13 Book: Let’s Get Real About Money: Profit from the Habits of the Best Personal Finance Managers book, finance
Jan 15 13,705 steps and counting android, life
Jan 15 Weekly review: Week ending January 14, 2011 weekly
Jan 15 Emacs 24 and the package manager emacs
Jan 17 Switched my Fido plan
Jan 17 Batch baking for fun and awesomeness cooking
Jan 18 Sketchnotes: Gretchen Rubin, Happiness Project book tour happy, sketches, sketchnotes
Jan 18 Of recipes and memories cooking
Jan 19 Fun and rational economic theory: reflections on the book “The Logic of Life” book, life, reflection
Jan 20 Monthly review: December 2010 monthly
Jan 21 Sketchnotes from Quantified Self Toronto meetup #3 quantified, sketches, sketchnotes
Jan 22 Weekly review: Week ending January 21, 2011 weekly
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Jan 25 Unbaffled sketches
Jan 25 Tweaking fun and nudging myself out of procrastination kaizen, life, productivity
Jan 26 Cross-posting between Lotus Connections blogs and a personal blog blogging, ibm
Jan 27 Draft Lotusphere BoF on working with the Connections API conference, ibm, lotus, presentation
Jan 28 A braindump of tips for other new immigrants from the Philippines canada, philippines, tips
Jan 28 Pre-conference networking tips for the Instructional Technology Strategies Conference conference, connecting, sketches, speaking, tips
Jan 29 Weekly review: Week ending January 28, 2011 weekly