February 2011

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Feb 28Get More Value from Blogging, part IV: Connecting with People blogging, connecting, tips
Feb 26Get More Value from Blogging, part III: Sharing Makes the Blog Go ‘Round 3 blogging, tips
Feb 26Weekly review: Week ending February 25, 2011 2 weekly
Feb 25Trying out Slideshare’s new Zipcast feature presentation, speaking
Feb 25Get More Value from Blogging, part II: The Compounding Value of an Archive 3 blogging, tips, web2.0, writing
Feb 24Get More Value from Blogging, part I: The Immediate Benefits of Thought 2 blogging, life, reflection, tips, web2.0
Feb 23Posted revised “Remote Presentations That Rock” presentation 1 presentation, sketches, speaking
Feb 22Kaizen: Thinking about presentations 1 kaizen, life, speaking
Feb 22How I spent my Family Day weekend 3 sketches
Feb 21ITSC guide to conference awesomeness 7 conference, connecting, event, presentation, sketches, speaking
Feb 20Waking up: looking at my data 16 geek, life, quantified, sketches
Feb 19Weekly review: Week ending February 18, 2011 weekly
Feb 19Decision review: Limiting my blog to one post a day 5 blogging, kaizen, reflection, sketches, writing
Feb 18LinkedIn tip: Customize your profile URL 2 connecting, tips, web2.0
Feb 18Book: Daddy Long Legs, and letters 2 book, reading, writing
Feb 18On friendship and becoming more social 5 connecting
Feb 16Imagine success for social media blogging, connecting, kaizen, story, web2.0, writing
Feb 16From zero to hero: a newbie’s guide to learning and building a reputation along the way 6 blogging, learning
Feb 15How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Webinar: Energy, Interaction, and ROI 3 presentation, speaking, tips
Feb 14More about getting 27″ washers and dryers down 26″ hallways life
Feb 14On presenting, anxiety, and moving forward speaking
Feb 13On friendship and getting better at it 14 kaizen, life, reflection
Feb 12Weekly review: Week ending February 11, 2011 2 weekly
Feb 11Books to write 1 plans, writing
Feb 10Hackbuzzbuzzbuzz 3 geek, life
Feb 9Thinking about personal random moment studies 2 geek, productivity, quantified
Feb 9Things to write about: questions for your blogger’s block blogging
Feb 7Working on estimates geek, ibm, learning
Feb 6Disagreement and the road to trusting yourself 2 kaizen, life
Feb 6Monthly review: January 2011 1 monthly
Feb 5Weekly review: Week ending February 4, 2011 2 weekly
Feb 5On appearance and bias: thoughts from the Nerd Girls panel at Lotusphere 2011 2 reflection, women
Feb 4A story of pi 4 geek
Feb 4Lotusphere 2011 wrap-up 8 conference, ibm, lotus