Jan 1 Learning a little more quickly learning
Jan 2 2014 in review review, yearly
Jan 4 Review: Week ending January 2, 2015 review, weekly
Jan 5 Morning, afternoon, evening, commute: thinking about what to do when (sketched) productivity
Jan 6 Monthly review: December 2014 monthly, review
Jan 7 Emacs kaizen: ace-isearch combines ace-jump-mode and helm-swoop emacs
Jan 8 Predictable advice about productivity productivity, writing
Jan 9 Thinking about how to make better use of Yasnippet in my Emacs workflow emacs, org
Jan 12 Weekly review: Week ending January 9, 2015 review, weekly
Jan 12 Sketched Book: Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action – Simon Sinek purpose, visual-book-notes
Jan 13 Deliberately making sense learning, writing
Jan 14 2015-01-09 Emacs Hangout emacs
Jan 15 Think more effectively by typing to yourself writing
Jan 16 Thoughts in context: Connecting posts to my blog post index wordpress
Jan 17 Drawing thoughts on index cards blogging, drawing
Jan 18 Weekly review: Week ending January 16, 2015 review, weekly
Jan 19 Minimizing upward or downward skew in your sketchnotes drawing
Jan 19 Improving my evil plans for Emacs emacs, sharing
Jan 20 Breaking down the skill of outlining writing
Jan 21 Developing Emacs micro-habits: Abbreviations and templates emacs
Jan 22 Move your goalposts to get around an inability to finish projects productivity
Jan 23 Emacs Chat with Steve Purcell Emacs Chat, podcast
Jan 23 Visualizing the internal citation network of my blog visual, wordpress
Jan 24 Filling in the occupational blanks experiment
Jan 25 Weekly review: Week ending January 23, 2015 review, weekly
Jan 26 Sketchnote Hangout: Playing with colour drawing
Jan 26 Emacs kaizen: helm-swoop and editing emacs
Jan 27 Writing: Open loops, closed loops, and working with forgetfulness blogging, writing
Jan 28 Emacs microhabit: Switching windows with windmove, ace-window, and ace-jump emacs
Jan 29 Read business books more effectively through application, visualization, or reviews learning, reading
Jan 30 Learning to work on my own things experiment
Jan 30 Getting data from Org Mode tables emacs, org
Jan 31 Finding a model for my sharing experiment