January 2015

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Jan 31Finding a model for my sharing 3 experiment
Jan 30Getting data from Org Mode tables 6 emacs, org
Jan 30Learning to work on my own things experiment
Jan 29Read business books more effectively through application, visualization, or reviews 4 learning, reading
Jan 28Emacs microhabit: Switching windows with windmove, ace-window, and ace-jump 7 emacs
Jan 27Writing: Open loops, closed loops, and working with forgetfulness 12 blogging, writing
Jan 26Emacs kaizen: helm-swoop and editing 14 emacs
Jan 26Sketchnote Hangout: Playing with colour 3 drawing
Jan 25Weekly review: Week ending January 23, 2015 review, weekly
Jan 24Filling in the occupational blanks 2 experiment
Jan 23Visualizing the internal citation network of my blog 2 visual, wordpress
Jan 23Emacs Chat with Steve Purcell Emacs Chat, podcast
Jan 22Move your goalposts to get around an inability to finish projects productivity
Jan 21Developing Emacs micro-habits: Abbreviations and templates 11 emacs
Jan 20Breaking down the skill of outlining 6 writing
Jan 19Improving my evil plans for Emacs 6 emacs, sharing
Jan 19Minimizing upward or downward skew in your sketchnotes drawing
Jan 18Weekly review: Week ending January 16, 2015 review, weekly
Jan 17Drawing thoughts on index cards 2 blogging, drawing
Jan 16Thoughts in context: Connecting posts to my blog post index 9 wordpress
Jan 15Think more effectively by typing to yourself 3 writing
Jan 142015-01-09 Emacs Hangout emacs
Jan 13Deliberately making sense 2 learning, writing
Jan 12Sketched Book: Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action – Simon Sinek purpose, visual-book-notes
Jan 11Weekly review: Week ending January 9, 2015 review, weekly
Jan 9Thinking about how to make better use of Yasnippet in my Emacs workflow 17 emacs, org
Jan 8Predictable advice about productivity 7 productivity, writing
Jan 7Emacs kaizen: ace-isearch combines ace-jump-mode and helm-swoop 5 emacs
Jan 6Monthly review: December 2014 monthly, review
Jan 5Morning, afternoon, evening, commute: thinking about what to do when (sketched) 4 productivity
Jan 4Review: Week ending January 2, 2015 1 review, weekly
Jan 22014 in review review, yearly
Jan 1Learning a little more quickly 2 learning