February 2015

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Feb 27Trying on common goals 1 life, planning
Feb 26Tell the difference between diminishing returns and compounding growth when it comes to investing in skills 5 learning, productivity
Feb 25Using Emacs to prepare files for external applications like Autodesk Sketchbook Pro emacs, org
Feb 24Different dimensions of scaling up business, experiment
Feb 23Learn how to take notes more efficiently in Org Mode 11 emacs, org
Feb 23Sketched Book – So Good They Can’t Ignore You: Why Skills Trump Passion in the Quest for Work You Love – Cal Newport career, visual-book-notes
Feb 22Weekly review: Week ending February 20, 2015 review, weekly
Feb 20Emacs: Peer-to-peer coaching is easier when you use impatient-mode to share your buffer 2 emacs
Feb 20Intentionally interrupting momentum and limiting flow productivity
Feb 19Break down what people mean so that you can learn from the specifics 12 learning
Feb 18Experimental Emacs Hangout 2015-02-18 2 emacs
Feb 18Windows: Pipe output to your clipboard, or how I’ve been using NodeJS and Org Mode together 5 emacs, geek
Feb 17Learning from people 3 connecting, learning
Feb 16Org Mode: Reusing the date from file-datetree-prompt 6 emacs, org
Feb 16Sketched Book: Take Charge of Your Talent: Three Keys to Thriving in Your Career, Organization, and Life – Don Maruska, Jay Perry (2013) career, visual-book-notes
Feb 15Miscellaneous memories 3 life
Feb 14Weekly review: Week ending February 13, 2015 review, weekly
Feb 13Continuous integration and code coverage for Emacs packages with Travis and Coveralls 3 emacs
Feb 13Experimenting my way to an awesome life life, purpose, quantified
Feb 12Help your readers discover more posts by organizing your content with a reverse outline blogging, writing
Feb 11Getting started with Emacs? Empty your cup 5 emacs
Feb 10Envy and other people’s writing 4 writing
Feb 9Colour update drawing
Feb 9Let’s have a virtual Emacs conference in August – help me make it happen! 19 conference, connecting, emacs
Feb 8Weekly review: Week ending February 6, 2015 review, weekly
Feb 7Japanese curry at Hacklab, curry udon at home cooking
Feb 6Digital index piles with Emacs: Rapid categorization of Org Mode items 1 emacs, org
Feb 6The 5-year experiment: A conversation with my anxious side, and how sharing time might be better than giving money 3 delegation, experiment
Feb 5Clear out your drafts by scheduling Minimum Viable Posts 8 blogging, writing
Feb 4De-dupe and link: Using the Flickr API to neaten up my archive and link sketches to blog posts development, geek
Feb 3Meta-post: Revising my post on emptying one’s cup 2 writing
Feb 2Monthly review: January 2015 1 monthly, review
Feb 2Learning from artists: making studies of ideas drawing, learning, writing
Feb 1Weekly review: Week ending January 30, 2015 review, weekly