September 2007

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Sep 30Weekly review emacs, weekly
Sep 28The Kitten-ful Life cat
Sep 28When there’s more than one way to do things emacs
Sep 28Work permit on its way canada
Sep 28My SecondLife interviewbot is coming along nicely geek
Sep 27Rediscovered words emacs
Sep 26Net worth report finance
Sep 26Advertise to yourself! geek
Sep 25Library run library
Sep 25ARGH, Second Life scripting is driving me nuts geek
Sep 23Weekly review: 2007.09.17 – 2007.09.23 weekly
Sep 20Revised my website design wordpress
Sep 18I’m going to write a book! 1 writing
Sep 17Early morning walk health
Sep 16Weekly review weekly
Sep 16Attack of the killer tomatoes cooking
Sep 12Woohoo! school
Sep 11Out of my control school
Sep 11Emacs pimpmyemacs
Sep 11Highrise HQ emacs, pimpmyemacs
Sep 9Made it across the monkey bars! health
Sep 8Driving lessons 1 life
Sep 8Sk8r boiz health
Sep 7Emacs: sorting contacts by timestamp emacs
Sep 7As me as I could be plans
Sep 5Okay, I can solve that canada
Sep 5Paperwork hassles canada
Sep 4Paperwork progress canada
Sep 3Weekly review weekly