October 2007

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Oct 31Halloween life
Oct 28Weekly review 2007.10.21 – 2007.10.28 emacs, weekly
Oct 28Org: Changing the task states 1 emacs, org
Oct 28Clocking work time under Planner emacs
Oct 28Clocking work time under Org emacs
Oct 27Choosing a daily schedule in Emacs emacs
Oct 27Tweaking day-specific planner pages emacs
Oct 27Emacs: managing schedule emacs
Oct 26Business practice maven-wannabe work
Oct 25Emacs: The difference between a task and an appointment emacs
Oct 23Why Emacs emacs
Oct 23Practice evangelist work
Oct 21Eshell redirection 5 emacs
Oct 21Weekly review weekly
Oct 20Best laid plans of mice and men kaizen
Oct 19My first week of work work
Oct 17Learning kaizen
Oct 16stretch life
Oct 15First day of work work
Oct 14Things that make my day emacs
Oct 14Work like you’re showing off: Be the best you can be career
Oct 13LEGO life
Oct 13Weekly review emacs, weekly
Oct 13Notes from Mentors: Technology evangelism work
Oct 13How to make a complete map of every thought you think notetaking
Oct 13Happiness evangelist work
Oct 12Setting priorities emacs, weekly
Oct 12Through the fear life
Oct 12Taking portraits of people photography
Oct 12Chapter is taking shape 1 emacs
Oct 12How I came to love Emacs emacs
Oct 12Switching mindsets emacs
Oct 12Circus school Uncategorized
Oct 11A quick note before I go to bed life
Oct 10Planner and Org emacs
Oct 10Finding ways to IBM work
Oct 9Up and over life
Oct 9Food photography attempt photography
Oct 9Conversations with bookworms connecting
Oct 8Remembering what should go in the book emacs
Oct 7Weekly review emacs, weekly
Oct 6Took the IELTS 1 canada
Oct 5Remembering to Org and Planner emacs
Oct 5Emacs multi-tty is sweet emacs
Oct 5Very odd – caring about the nitty-gritty life
Oct 4Time to exercise health
Oct 4PostReach’s ClickComment blogging
Oct 4Sorted out Emacs problem emacs
Oct 3Categorizing Contacts connecting
Oct 2okay, so what’s involved in this trapeze thing? health
Oct 2Can’t type health
Oct 2Switched to PCFinancial for savings 1 finance
Oct 2Emacs and Google Calendar; writing for a moving target 1 emacs
Oct 2planner-appt 1 emacs
Oct 1Reading about Enterprise 2.0 enterprise2.0
Oct 1Wow. Lots of stuff done today. life
Oct 1Meet Enterprise 2.0 1 enterprise2.0
Oct 1The return on investment of social computing enterprise2.0
Oct 1Chapter outline draft: Planning your day in Emacs emacs