July 2009

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Jul 31Improv 101 class 2: Scenes, objects, and environments 1 Uncategorized
Jul 29Laptop hard disk still dead geek
Jul 29Unstructured time 6 life
Jul 28Taro 4 family, life, philippines
Jul 28Sewing arghs 2 sewing
Jul 27Lotus Notes mail merge from a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet 54 lotus
Jul 26Weekly review: Week ending July 26, 2009 3 weekly
Jul 26Never get used up 3 life
Jul 26Science 2.0: July 29, 2009 1pm-6pm MaRS geek
Jul 24Started my Improv 101 class! 2 Uncategorized
Jul 23How I got my job at IBM 3 career
Jul 22Weekly review: Weeks ending July 12, 2009 and July 19, 2009 weekly
Jul 18Just got back from the photowalk in High Park 1 photography
Jul 16Facilitating workshops: What I learned from doing a trend overview 2 Uncategorized
Jul 15Notes from the road presentation, speaking, travel
Jul 13Quick travel notes: move through the airport quickly 3 travel
Jul 9Weekly review: Week ending July 5, 2009 adphoto, weekly
Jul 5From here to first frost 3 gardening
Jul 5Cat portrait session 4 cat, photography
Jul 4More strawberries! gardening
Jul 4Hobbies for life 10 life
Jul 3Reflecting on how to prepare for workshops 1 kaizen, work
Jul 2The fullness of days 4 life
Jul 1Hobby day holiday 1 life
Jul 1Recent photos 2 photography
Jul 1Combining multiple social media services 4 web2.0
Jul 1Thinking of a travel dossier 4 delegation, process, travel