August 2009

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Aug 31Weekly review: week ending August 30, 2009 weekly
Aug 27Improv 101: Learning more about characterizations Uncategorized
Aug 26Improv 101, class 4: Characterizations Uncategorized
Aug 26Exercising my network 5 connecting
Aug 25IBM Drupal Drop-in Clinic 6 drupal
Aug 25Growing as a presenter 6 speaking
Aug 24Weekly review: Week ending August 23, 2009 weekly
Aug 24Back from staycation 3 life
Aug 23Tea, a drink with jam and bread cooking, party
Aug 19Social media changes real-life conversations 8 connecting, social, web2.0
Aug 18New presentation: The Shy Connector! 6 presentation
Aug 17Teaching energy 2 life, teaching
Aug 17Notes from my staycation life
Aug 15Garden updates 6 gardening
Aug 15Five hats 1 photography
Aug 15Weekly review: Weeks ending August 8 and 15, 2009 weekly
Aug 14From presentations to conversations 5 presentation, speaking
Aug 12Reflecting on relationships 3 family, friends, life
Aug 11The shy connector 46 connecting, presentation, sketches, speaking
Aug 10Another year of blog posts (PDF, 535 pages) 3 blogging, life
Aug 10Life as a 25-year-old 3 life, yearly
Aug 9My life as a 25-year-old 1 life
Aug 9Food and shelter, health, love, skill, meaning life
Aug 8Improv: Catch 23’s Next Act, people-watching Uncategorized
Aug 8The sweetness of life cooking
Aug 7Observational humour and solo improv play 5 Uncategorized
Aug 7Gardening and cats 4 cat
Aug 6Improv 101, class 3: It’s not about stuff, it’s about relationships 2 Uncategorized
Aug 6The influence of trees, webs, and clouds 2 web2.0
Aug 5In-jokes and shared experiences life, love
Aug 5Weekly review: Week ending August 2, 2009 weekly
Aug 3On sewing and improv 3 sewing