April 2006

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Apr 30Chicken breasts marinated in red wine vinegar cooking, cookordie
Apr 30Awwwww! Uncategorized
Apr 29Mediatheque -Uncategorized
Apr 28CHI2006: Ack! conference
Apr 28Code Monkey -Uncategorized
Apr 28Planning an ice cream party party
Apr 28Kathy’s May Day mayday! party
Apr 28Nine million hits? Yeah, right philippines
Apr 28Congratulations to Dominique, writer! -Uncategorized
Apr 23Wireless at CHI Uncategorized
Apr 23Found the CIBC -Uncategorized
Apr 22Hyperventilate!! -Uncategorized
Apr 22CHI2006 schedule Uncategorized
Apr 22Anyone else going to CHI2006? conference
Apr 22Mindmapped -Uncategorized
Apr 21I’m toast Uncategorized
Apr 21All kitted out with U of T logowear clothing
Apr 21Reading paper research
Apr 21Tacsiyapo philippines
Apr 20Life on a sugar high life
Apr 20Happy girl -Uncategorized
Apr 20Solved the SPAM problem -Uncategorized
Apr 20Dum da dum dum… geek
Apr 20The case of the missing SPAM -Uncategorized
Apr 19Finding a niche purpose
Apr 19Happy girl happy, work
Apr 19Comfort food: SPAM cooking, cookordie
Apr 19Meeting -Uncategorized
Apr 18Stretch… research
Apr 18Geek -Uncategorized
Apr 18Fruit and crab salad cooking, cookordie
Apr 18Amazing Uncategorized
Apr 18Coder glut in Canada canada
Apr 18Going dark -Uncategorized
Apr 17How to wear a malong 7 filipino
Apr 17Rails pub night purpose
Apr 17Dips cooking, friends
Apr 17Backlog: I’m feeling potlucky! cooking, friends
Apr 15RoR: “What’s in My Fridge” now has a shopping list rails, ruby
Apr 15Alejandro purpose
Apr 15Meep! Comments lost! -Uncategorized
Apr 15Deskbar applet – GNOME coolness! linux
Apr 15More Rails twiddling rails
Apr 15Uh oh… -Uncategorized
Apr 15Thank you, Lazy Web! – Feedrinse -Uncategorized
Apr 14Reading paper -Uncategorized
Apr 14Backlog: Friends friends
Apr 14Imagining my future purpose, reflection
Apr 13Thank you friends
Apr 13Girl! rails, ruby
Apr 13Woooooohooooooo! Congrats, Ateneo! school
Apr 13Sacha-sense tingling friends, love
Apr 13Limit reflection
Apr 13Pinged -Uncategorized
Apr 13Reflections reflection
Apr 12Backlog: TLUG Uncategorized
Apr 12Stirfry with Mike Tsang cooking, cookordie, friends
Apr 11Paper penguin family, love
Apr 11Done with FIS paper Uncategorized
Apr 11Hacking my productivity productivity
Apr 10Hooray for mindmaps and checklists 1 writing
Apr 10Argh, now Consumating’s down research
Apr 10Should’ve brought a penguin Uncategorized
Apr 10No one gets tags Uncategorized
Apr 8Backlog: Dinner with Calum, Vanessa and Dave friends
Apr 7Backlog: IBM geek, ibm
Apr 7You know you’re a grad student when… school
Apr 6Backlog: Beef medallion, baked potato cooking, cookordie
Apr 6“Talk nerdy to me” -Uncategorized
Apr 6Backlog: Grilled again cooking, cookordie, friends
Apr 5Consumating: tags as communication Uncategorized
Apr 5Tagging people research, web2.0
Apr 5Wireless linux
Apr 5The Human Face of Research -Uncategorized
Apr 5On tutoring education, teaching
Apr 4Grill time! cooking, cookordie, friends
Apr 4Helping people find their voice teaching, toastmasters
Apr 4Backlog: Web 2.0 Uncategorized
Apr 4Backlog: Lasagna -Uncategorized
Apr 4Backlog: Lasagna -Uncategorized
Apr 2Conversations friends
Apr 2Pictures from Brian’s party -Uncategorized
Apr 2In the thick of things Uncategorized
Apr 2Brian’s birthday party friends
Apr 2Backlog – 2006.04.01: Breakfast: Bacon and eggs cooking, cookordie, friends
Apr 1From Kathy: Capybara night cooking
Apr 1Triscuit -Uncategorized
Apr 1Graduate House Uncategorized
Apr 1Salmon and mashed potatoes with Steve and Mike cooking, cookordie, friends