May 2006

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May 31Another aspect of what I want to do purpose
May 31Social media for social change social, web2.0
May 31Yesterday was a hot chocolate day Uncategorized
May 31First baseball game Uncategorized
May 31Congrats to Von Totanes! friends
May 31Oatmeal hacking cooking
May 31My mom reads my blog education, family
May 31Old friends and familiar strangers friends
May 31Downtime life
May 31I’m sorry! blogging
May 31Being a girl emacs, geek
May 31Why blogging is cool blogging
May 31Programming for kids 2 teaching
May 30DemoCamp afterparty connecting, democamp
May 30Toastmasters toastmasters
May 30TTC Uncategorized
May 30fMRI scan geek
May 30Telecon ibm, research
May 30fMRI study geek
May 30Blogging is vanity blogging, ibm
May 30More thoughts on Barcamp II barcamp
May 30More thoughts on Barcamp, no answers barcamp, philippines, purpose, sad
May 30Networking with Moleskines 1 connecting
May 29Transit, barbecue life
May 29What a Sunday Uncategorized
May 28Doors Open toronto
May 28Hacked another T-shirt clothing
May 27My goal in life: sales and marketing? purpose
May 27Fountain pen Uncategorized
May 27Collective ingenuity idea, work
May 27Pink and frilly clothing
May 26Philippines 2.0 entrepreneurship, geek, philippines
May 26Cooking cooking
May 26Linux Device Driver Kit 1 linux
May 24More thoughts about what I want to do with my life purpose, social
May 24Hooray for people who know how to cook! cooking
May 24Team of Filipino Students Win MIT Entrepreneurship business, entrepreneurship, philippines
May 24Blogly angst blogging
May 24Microsoft Word in schools 2 communication, free and open source, learning, teaching
May 24More thoughts about social computing web2.0
May 24Web 2.0 and entrepreneurship entrepreneurship, philippines, web2.0
May 24Aha! purpose, social
May 24Renaissance dance performance friends
May 24Breakfast cooking, cookordie, friends
May 23Darn, double-booked emacs
May 23Basic Technical Japanese japanese
May 23Too hot, too cold, just right research
May 23Tango thoughts Uncategorized
May 23Fireworks and hot chocolate life
May 22ARGH! toronto, web2.0
May 22Stranger of the Day: Greg life
May 22Up early research
May 21Pinoy Web 2.0 philippines, web2.0
May 21Samba Uncategorized
May 20Schadenfreude life
May 19Oh no… sad
May 19Renaissance dance pic friends
May 19Branle Pinagay; also, testing video Uncategorized
May 18Video sharing Uncategorized
May 18Finding geeks geek, philippines, ruby
May 18Bestest research lab evar research
May 18I am so dead research, sad
May 18Must not panic life
May 18Working at the lab versus working at home research
May 18Research paper cramming research
May 18Why I don’t have to make my website pretty blogging
May 18Woohoo! Free Skype to US and Canada! Uncategorized
May 18Web alerts, pubsub, and other cool tools geek
May 18Traditional clothes Uncategorized
May 18Awww… life
May 18Barcamp explained barcamp
May 18Thunderstorm Uncategorized
May 18Moleskine Uncategorized
May 17The world is changing -Uncategorized
May 17Genetic engineering and individuality geek
May 17Agile methods for building communities geek
May 17Tagging places, and the power of stories web2.0
May 17Can I Crash -Uncategorized
May 17Aftermesh Uncategorized
May 16Mesh magic: Tara Hunt marketing, web2.0
May 16Mesh magic: Fifteen minutes of fame web2.0
May 16Mesh magic: Tara Hunt fangirling web2.0
May 16Mesh magic: Venture capital and Web 2.0 web2.0
May 16Mesh magic: The Future of Marketing web2.0
May 16Mesh magic: At the registration desk Uncategorized
May 16Mesh magic: Volunteering web2.0
May 16Connect -Uncategorized
May 16Catching up; mesh post coming soon web2.0
May 15Mashing the Vote: Web 2.0 for Social Change web2.0
May 15At mesh conference; Om Malik keynote web2.0
May 13Ruby versus Java barcamp, ruby
May 13Ack! -Uncategorized
May 11Technology evangelism Uncategorized
May 10Refreshed -Uncategorized
May 10Linux Caffe geek, linux, toronto
May 10Books at the Linux Caffe geek
May 10BBC World Documentary on free and open source software in developing countries -Uncategorized
May 10Stretched -Uncategorized
May 9Raided the bookstore book
May 9Joy! friends
May 8Welcome to the blogosphere, Winston! – OSS entrepreneurship in the Philippines -Uncategorized
May 8Connecting people geek, philippines
May 8Full day! friends, ruby, social
May 6Picnic! friends
May 5Also not entirely hopeless in a corporate setting career, purpose
May 5Geek! geek
May 4Connector, Maven, Salesman career, purpose
May 4Toastmasters toastmasters
May 3Congrats to Diane on her game design class! friends
May 3Entrepreneurship entrepreneurship, philippines, purpose
May 2Ubuntu: kid-tested, mother-approved geek
May 2Poi -Uncategorized
May 1Linux Caffe friends