December 2004

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Dec 31More open source work opensource
Dec 31And the rest of the year passed by in a blur !Uncategorized
Dec 31July !Uncategorized
Dec 31June !Uncategorized
Dec 31May !Uncategorized
Dec 31April !Uncategorized
Dec 31March emacs
Dec 31More Filipinos into open source development !Uncategorized
Dec 30February in review emacs
Dec 30January in review !Uncategorized
Dec 30Snow picture !Uncategorized
Dec 30Open Source Speaks Your Language !Uncategorized
Dec 30Surrounding myself with ideas !Uncategorized
Dec 30Interview: Chris G. Haravata !Uncategorized
Dec 29Keeping track of time with planner-timeclock and planner-timeclock-summary emacs
Dec 27FreeBSD installation plans !Uncategorized
Dec 27Waah. Bad day, code-wise emacs
Dec 27sacha/planner-strip-task-numbers emacs
Dec 27Proof-of-concept code for autosensing task information emacs
Dec 25smbmount !Uncategorized
Dec 23Windows XP Demo offer for students !Uncategorized
Dec 22On the cult of personality !Uncategorized
Dec 22The Graphing Calculator Story !Uncategorized
Dec 21E-mail indexing emacs
Dec 20Anything But Microsoft Retail Store Pushes Linux, Open Source !Uncategorized
Dec 20Random cool stuff on the Net !Uncategorized
Dec 18Scrabble with Sean !Uncategorized
Dec 18Emacs Lisp mentioned in job ad emacs
Dec 18Knitting !Uncategorized
Dec 17Philippine OSS news: NCC eGov Center for Excellence !Uncategorized
Dec 17Linux advocacy: not just preaching to the choir !Uncategorized
Dec 17The uses of darou: だろう !Uncategorized
Dec 17Summarizing reading 8-2-1 !Uncategorized
Dec 17Kanji of the day !Uncategorized
Dec 17On the virtues of idleness 1 life
Dec 16YDC Festival: Puppet shows !Uncategorized
Dec 16Refactoring Planner annotation code emacs
Dec 16Factors for idea growth !Uncategorized
Dec 16Updating the timelog emacs
Dec 16Kanji for the day !Uncategorized
Dec 15Personal blog !Uncategorized
Dec 15Kanji for the day !Uncategorized
Dec 15Oh, blast. MIT application incomplete. !Uncategorized
Dec 14planner tweak: What am I supposed to be doing? emacs
Dec 14PLUG Christmas Party !Uncategorized
Dec 14Kanji sentence !Uncategorized
Dec 13Of joy !Uncategorized
Dec 13Upcoming Dreamworks movie !Uncategorized
Dec 13More about call centers !Uncategorized
Dec 13More about call centers !Uncategorized
Dec 13Kanji for last Saturday !Uncategorized
Dec 13Kanji sentence for the day !Uncategorized
Dec 12On the Map !Uncategorized
Dec 12Novell Linux-Certified Professional !Uncategorized
Dec 11Evolution as a Planner user emacs
Dec 11On call centers !Uncategorized
Dec 11Open Source Conference 2005 / Tokyo !Uncategorized
Dec 11From Doc Mana: We made it to the finals! !Uncategorized
Dec 9Random notes from meeting with Prof. Chignell !Uncategorized
Dec 9On effective websites !Uncategorized
Dec 8Panic, panic !Uncategorized
Dec 8Demo tomorrow emacs
Dec 8Philippine websites ranked !Uncategorized
Dec 7On being an assembly-line programmer !Uncategorized
Dec 6Tagalog dictionaries as a Debian package !Uncategorized
Dec 6My mom’s started blogging! emacs
Dec 6Sleeping cat !Uncategorized
Dec 6Hard disk restore !Uncategorized
Dec 4Ching blogs! !Uncategorized
Dec 4Asian governments start to speak the same language on Linux implementations !Uncategorized
Dec 3Reflections on teaching !Uncategorized
Dec 3More gallery stuff !Uncategorized
Dec 3Awwwwww… !Uncategorized
Dec 3Update from John Wiegley !Uncategorized
Dec 3PHP photo galleries !Uncategorized
Dec 2Reflections on what I value !Uncategorized
Dec 2One-hour hacks emacs
Dec 2Slashdot humor !Uncategorized
Dec 2Tokyo LUG December nomikai, tentative list !Uncategorized
Dec 2The one-hour hack strikes again! !Uncategorized
Dec 2Emacs on Mac OS X emacs
Dec 2Web site design emacs
Dec 1Emacs for my Mom emacs
Dec 1XF86Config-4: Linux on the Fujitsu Lifebook P1110 !Uncategorized
Dec 1Another recruit for the wonderful world of Planner hacking! emacs
Dec 1Reflections: Random thoughts on presentations !Uncategorized
Dec 1The cost of plagiarism and laziness !Uncategorized