November 2007

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Nov 30Workrave, or why frequent breaks help you go full speed ahead 4 productivity
Nov 29With five years of blog posts, there’s a lot to discover 6 blogging, wordpress
Nov 29Prying eyes privacy emacs
Nov 28Optimizing your action loop 7 emacs, org, planning
Nov 28Add joy to your job title 4 career
Nov 28Learning how to tell stories book
Nov 28Lost some comments in the shuffle wordpress
Nov 28I’m too lazy not to program 3 emacs
Nov 27Okay, we’re in business – 5 years of my life in WordPress blogging, emacs, planner
Nov 25Yay, I got to talk to my dad today family
Nov 25Feedwordpress and Planner blog = awesome 2 emacs
Nov 25Last week weekly
Nov 25Weekly review weekly
Nov 25Sent the first chapter of Wicked Cool Emacs emacs
Nov 24Career statement: Helping companies help people connect career
Nov 24Another day, another blog emacs
Nov 22First accumulated snowfall canada
Nov 22Manage from your calendar, not from your task list productivity
Nov 12Kaizen: meetings kaizen
Nov 10My worrying is useless emacs
Nov 9Other stuff life
Nov 9Kaizen: Tweaking my schedule kaizen
Nov 8Emacs in the news emacs
Nov 7Setting up appointment reminders in Org 2 emacs
Nov 7Planning my career – first stages career
Nov 6Brown-bag cooking
Nov 4Weekly review weekly
Nov 3Shopping life
Nov 3Pizza cooking
Nov 1Generating a table of projects and their actions emacs, org
Nov 1Sharing 101 goals in 1001 days plans