December 2007

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Dec 30More writing is possible 8 writing
Dec 30If you throw enough pots 2 writing
Dec 30Writing progress wickedcoolemacs, writing
Dec 30Awesome articles on leadership leadership
Dec 30Clocking Time with Emacs Org 20 emacs, org, wickedcoolemacs
Dec 30Oh no! Version dependencies… 1 emacs, wickedcoolemacs, writing
Dec 30Procrastination productivity
Dec 305 ways to deal with writer’s block 12 writing
Dec 29Pizza is the mind-killer 2 sketches, writing
Dec 29I need new glasses sketches
Dec 29How to use Emacs Org as a Basic Day Planner 7 emacs, org, wickedcoolemacs
Dec 29Dictate blind sketches
Dec 29Darling… sketches
Dec 28Writing, writing, writing writing
Dec 28Planner, basic configuration emacs, planner, wickedcoolemacs
Dec 28Emacs: Getting Things Done with Org – Basic 20 emacs, org, wickedcoolemacs
Dec 27Everything looks better photography, sketches
Dec 26Emacs: Choosing between Org and Planner 14 emacs, org, planner, wickedcoolemacs
Dec 26Bugfix: Time estimation 2 emacs, org
Dec 25Not quite the same sketches
Dec 25Some of my favorite quotes Uncategorized
Dec 25Publishing my Org agenda to my blog 1 emacs, org, wordpress
Dec 25Get a grip on your tasks emacs, wickedcoolemacs
Dec 24Just ordered Dragon Naturally Speaking – Preferred 2 geek
Dec 23Yay, I finished Me and My Katamari 1 sketches
Dec 23Weekly review: Week ending Dec 22 weekly
Dec 23Random cat moment 1 cat
Dec 23One day with Planner 7 emacs, wickedcoolemacs
Dec 232 geeks, 4 laptops 5 sketches
Dec 22A day in a life with Org 14 emacs, org, wickedcoolemacs
Dec 21How do you change the rules of the game? 1 sketches
Dec 20Why I use Emacs to manage my tasks 1 emacs, wickedcoolemacs
Dec 20A great workday career, sketches, work
Dec 20Dec 19: Awesome sketches
Dec 20Dec 19: Waking up was hard, but things got better sketches
Dec 19How to talk to execs and clients about social media enterprise2.0, web2.0
Dec 19Dec 17: Awesome! 1 sketches
Dec 18The commute up sketches
Dec 17Rethinking II life
Dec 17Rethinking 3 productivity
Dec 17The Tick 2 sketches
Dec 16Gnus multi-pane tricks, or I heart Planet Emacsen emacs
Dec 16Status report: Dec 16 sketches
Dec 16Oh, the weather outside is frightful sketches
Dec 16Outline for task management chapter emacs, wickedcoolemacs
Dec 16Weekly report weekly
Dec 16Salmon steak with dill sketches
Dec 16Sketchblogging with the Nintendo DS Lite 7 sketches
Dec 16He loves to cook sketches
Dec 16So close! sketches, wordpress
Dec 15That took more hacking than expected sketches
Dec 15Hello world sketches
Dec 15A good reason to check out the WordPress version of my blog blogging, sketches
Dec 14Tips for conference bloggers 1 blogging, conference, tips
Dec 13Quick update: purse found 1 life
Dec 12The evils of blur 6 Uncategorized
Dec 12Story: Connecting through social computing 2 connecting
Dec 10Christmas carols life
Dec 10Reading books reading
Dec 8Finding out if I’m overscheduled emacs, org
Dec 5Convocation party pics 1 event
Dec 5Re-centering work
Dec 4Low energy day 4 life, sad
Dec 2Weekly review weekly
Dec 2Keeping in touch friends
Dec 1My convocation; or how my mom’s a much better blogger than I am 1 family
Dec 1When you’re new to the job and everyone knows more than you do 4 career
Dec 1Wicked Cool Emacs: get in on the action! 10 emacs, wickedcoolemacs, writing