September 2006

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Sep 30Sorting things out life
Sep 30Capsule summary life
Sep 30Panic stop life
Sep 29Geek dinners and networking ideas connecting
Sep 29The power of sales business
Sep 29Networking is about being memorable; the art of the deep bump connecting
Sep 29Networking story: Being in the right place at the right time connecting, story
Sep 29Emacs BBDB: Prioritize exact matches bbdb, emacs
Sep 29Notes from KMD2004 meeting Uncategorized
Sep 29Stories from the NY trip friends
Sep 29Stories from New York: Making things happen 1 travel
Sep 29Networking: Create value with your business cards 1 connecting
Sep 29Hospitality Uncategorized
Sep 29Emacs BBDB: Filtering tags with the power of lambda expressions bbdb, connecting, emacs
Sep 29Taking the Terror out of Talk speaking, toastmasters
Sep 28Conference Commando: Networking with Nametags connecting
Sep 28Emacs: Animation in presentations 3 democamp, emacs
Sep 28Emacs: BBDB rapid serial visualization bbdb, emacs
Sep 28Emacs: Show only people whom I haven’t pinged since… bbdb, connecting, emacs, planner
Sep 28Emacs + LinkedIn: Another totally idiosyncratic bit of code 3 connecting, emacs
Sep 27The dawn of a new Moleskine notetaking
Sep 27Momblogging family
Sep 27VPN! ibm
Sep 27Backlog: Software Freedom Day event
Sep 27My mom’s blogging! family
Sep 27Step out of your comfort zone life
Sep 26Living with others life
Sep 20Splurging on a cab finance
Sep 20I love how life works travel
Sep 18Linked In: Looking for role models connecting
Sep 18New York, New York! ibm, travel
Sep 18Learning more about keeping in touch family, friends
Sep 18WOW! ibm
Sep 18Developing a personal style Uncategorized
Sep 18Always write to your favorite authors communication
Sep 18E-mail interview oddness writing
Sep 16Wow. Statistics can be fun. book, school
Sep 16Twice-baked potatoes cooking, cookordie
Sep 16Networking party in New York that I really, really want to go to connecting, ibm
Sep 15Domain name geek
Sep 15Emacs clinic at the Linux Caffe emacs
Sep 15Emacs: Changing the font size on the fly 13 emacs
Sep 15Getting sound to work again laptop, linux
Sep 13What makes a good life? 6 life, reflection
Sep 12Dinner went well -Uncategorized
Sep 11Gwaaah, panic, terror -Uncategorized
Sep 11Travelling travel
Sep 11Some kind of sport – maybe tennis? life
Sep 11Networking evils: The you’re-just-a-student brushoff connecting
Sep 11Friday: Art appreciation day at the ROM Uncategorized
Sep 11Backlog: Viz workshop last Friday communication, visual
Sep 11Blogging backlog: Okay, fine, I’m a social butterfly connecting
Sep 8Bruce Schneier facts geek
Sep 8IT magazine publisher found stabbed dead in office life
Sep 8Reaching across the ocean: sometimes you just have to make things happen business, connecting, goodkarma, happy
Sep 8Visualization workshop: met lots of interesting people event
Sep 7Pamana Fund in honor of Doc Mana school
Sep 7Doc Mana is retiring in 2007! school
Sep 7Sweet! Career Resource Library totally rocks! connecting
Sep 7Creating opportunities book, connecting, social
Sep 7Raising life by the power of two 1 connecting, life
Sep 7Tag team networking 2 book, connecting
Sep 7The Secret friends, happy, purpose
Sep 7Quinn’s birthday party – all-you-can-eat sushi! friends, party
Sep 7Social networks: Basic, basic feature – multiple e-mail addresses Uncategorized
Sep 6Love 2.0 2 goodkarma, happy, love
Sep 6Break glass in case of emergency: For homesickness happy, philippines
Sep 5How to find great developers development, management, philippines
Sep 5Long stories deserve long responses connecting
Sep 5More thoughts on what I want to do with my life business, career, purpose, reflection
Sep 5Bayan Ko filipino, philippines
Sep 5Sometimes I just get homesick sad
Sep 5I heart my sister family
Sep 3I heart large rolled oats cooking, cookordie
Sep 2Wanted: real-time calendaring for get-togethers social
Sep 2A passion for social systems – clues to my next short-term step? career, connecting, emacs, passion, purpose
Sep 2Free Software and Open Source Symposium, Toronto, Oct 26-27 event, free and open source, toronto
Sep 2Networking tips: Bring your own nametag connecting, social
Sep 2More Emacs goodness: Refresh your memory when you e-mail using notes from BBDB bbdb, connecting, emacs
Sep 1More Emacs fun: Composing mail to everyone with notes bbdb, emacs
Sep 1More Emacs coolness: List of contacts bbdb, emacs, planner
Sep 1Emacs: Keep track of messages sent bbdb, emacs
Sep 1The great laptop ad campaign laptop, marketing