July 2008

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Jul 31Emacs and PHP: On-the-fly syntax checking with Flymake 14 emacs
Jul 31Kaizen: Moving time around 1 kaizen, life, productivity, time
Jul 30Emacs and PHP tutorial: php-mode 26 emacs, wickedcoolemacs
Jul 30Emacs and PHP: There’s more than one way to do it, of course 25 emacs
Jul 29Development kaizen: Deployment and testing 4 drupal, kaizen
Jul 29From Eclipse to Emacs: Drupal development with Subversion, tags, templates, and xdebug 8 drupal, emacs
Jul 28Drupal: Patching simpletest for Drupal 5 to understand the Location header 3 drupal
Jul 28Kaizen: What would make our Drupal lives better? 7 drupal, kaizen
Jul 28Emacs, Remember, and GTD emacs
Jul 27Eclipse to Emacs: Navigating your source tree 28 emacs
Jul 27Morning pages from Ottawa life
Jul 27Emacs: Keyboard shortcuts for navigating code 8 development, emacs
Jul 26Emacs is not just for computer geeks; also, these are the things that keep me going 5 emacs, goodkarma
Jul 26Want to subscribe to a subset of my blog? blogging
Jul 26Yet another snippet mode for Emacs 13 emacs
Jul 26Things I can do to make progress on my book emacs, wickedcoolemacs, writing
Jul 25Emacs: Someone who’s even geekier about BBDB! bbdb, emacs
Jul 25Weekly report – week ending July 25, 2008 2 weekly
Jul 25Please vote for my about-me/sitemap slideshow on Slideshare! 6 drupal, emacs, sketches
Jul 23Drupal: Adding a footer to all of your system e-mail 9 drupal
Jul 22Weekly review: week ending July 20, 2008 weekly
Jul 22Drupal: Testing multisite/domain-access Drupal locally and on a testing server 9 drupal
Jul 20Emacs: Smarter interactive prompts with Org remember templates emacs, org
Jul 20Emacs: BBDB: Modifying the record creation process 2 bbdb, emacs
Jul 19Keeping things fresh; Analyzing session feedback conference, presentation, speaking
Jul 19Learning how to drive is about starting even after you stall 7 life
Jul 18Emacs Org Google Tech Talk 2 emacs, geek
Jul 18What teachers make 2 speaking, teaching
Jul 18Reflecting on time and overtime 7 career, life, reflection, sketches, time, work
Jul 17One sentence – microfiction, microlife writing
Jul 17Managing interruptions productivity
Jul 17Notes from GBS Learning Week 5 conference, connecting, weekly
Jul 13GBS Learning Week: First set conference, ibm, presentation, speaking
Jul 12Hello, I’m Sacha Chua! (Self-introduction and sitemap in verse) 8 sketches
Jul 11Weekly report: week ending July 11, 2008 weekly
Jul 10Ruby code to quickly convert titles to ISBNs 4 book, library, reading, ruby
Jul 10To dream the impersonal dream entrepreneurship, passion
Jul 9Check out my parents =) 1 family
Jul 9Canada and Web 2.0 conferences 3 canada, web2.0
Jul 7Sowing seeds: Common objections to technology evangelism for collaborative tools 6 Uncategorized
Jul 6Might need to spend more time hanging out with Emacs geeks =) 9 emacs, wickedcoolemacs, writing
Jul 6Configuration management with Drupal – Multiple developers, live site 2 drupal
Jul 6What do I want to learn? 9 learning, life
Jul 4Sowing seeds: What is technology evangelism, anyway? 2 enterprise2.0
Jul 4Weekly report, week ending July 4, 2008 weekly
Jul 3Taking book notes 12 book, productivity, reading
Jul 2Awesome, I’ve been quoted in Portuguese! 2 enterprise2.0
Jul 1Enough time: a new hire’s reflections 3 career, life, time