January 2010

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Jan 31Agendas 19 life
Jan 30Pamanhikan 2 life
Jan 28From the book bag 1 book, entrepreneurship, finance, reading, sketches
Jan 27Gifts and graphs: visualization and gift-giving family, life
Jan 26Weekly review: Week ending January 24, 2010 weekly
Jan 26Dogear and Delicious: Cross-posting your enterprise bookmarks (xpost) ibm, work
Jan 26Book: Beyond Booked Solid book, career, delegation, management, reading
Jan 25Every teachable moment 2 geek, life, teaching
Jan 24Around the watercooler 1 ibm, web2.0, work
Jan 23Visual organizers 1 visual
Jan 22Batirol, tablea, and tsokolatera – the joys of hot chocolate life, photography
Jan 21Recovering life
Jan 21Free Drupal-IBM-Acquia webinar: Integrating Drupal with Enterprise Back-office Systems – Thu Jan 21 2010 1PM EST 5 drupal, geek, ibm, work
Jan 21Book: On Becoming a Leader 3 book, career, leadership, reading
Jan 20Recovering from jet lag 2 life
Jan 20Braindump: Social media advice for events web2.0
Jan 19Training wheels for setting goals life, passion, purpose
Jan 18Weekly review: Week ending Jan 17, 2010 weekly
Jan 18What I want to talk about in 2010 planning, plans, speaking
Jan 17Learning assertiveness family, life
Jan 16Lightweight personas for ideation workshops ibm, work
Jan 16Reflecting on introversion and shyness; help me find better words! 7 connecting, reflection
Jan 15Microblogging talk lotus, presentation, web2.0
Jan 14Rabbit-holes of awesome passion, sketches
Jan 14Getting started on your web presence 2 blogging, web2.0
Jan 14Upcoming talk: The Shy Connector connecting, presentation, speaking
Jan 13I want more colour in my day life, sketches
Jan 13Growth through writing 2 blogging, writing
Jan 12Facilitation: Thinking about the ends and means 2 learning, work
Jan 12A night with the barkada barkada, friends, philippines, sketches
Jan 12Cats in high places cat
Jan 11Information gardening tasks 3 web2.0, work
Jan 11La-Z-Boy cinemas, massages, and seafood life, philippines, sketches
Jan 10Weekly review: Week ending January 10, 2010 2 weekly
Jan 10Sketch: Elephant love 1 family, sketches
Jan 10Closing my 2009 financial ledger, looking forward to the next year 1 finance
Jan 9I’ll never buy a Moleskine again 7 notetaking, sketches
Jan 9Personal knowledge management, morgue files, capture systems 4 kaizen, notetaking, process
Jan 8Learning more about facilitation 2 learning, planning, plans
Jan 8Sketch: Getting past the tyranny of the blank page sketches
Jan 7Monthly highlights: December 2009 1 monthly
Jan 6On pen and paper 5 notetaking
Jan 6Offline and online conversations connecting
Jan 5Accessing tacit knowledge and building pathways for two-way learning connecting, web2.0
Jan 4Weekly review: Weeks ending December 27, 2009 and January 3, 2010 weekly
Jan 4How I explore my interests 4 life, passion
Jan 3Thinking out loud: Mapping what I know 6 blogging, learning, notetaking
Jan 2Book: Rules for Revolutionaries book, reading
Jan 1On the practice of a weekly review 4 blogging, kaizen, process, reflection