March 2011

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Mar 31Quid est nōmen tuum? Nōmen meum est “Sacha” 6 learning
Mar 31Becoming a faster developer 8 development, geek
Mar 29More thoughts on time analysis: correlations and revealed preferences 9 analysis, geek, quantified, time
Mar 29Helping kids learn about automation 2 teaching
Mar 28On typing in Dvorak 5 geek, tips
Mar 27Filling in the learning gaps sketches, teaching
Mar 26Weekly review: Week ending March 25, 2011 2 weekly
Mar 23The three argumenteers sketches
Mar 22Shanghaippy birthday, John Grimme! Recipe: Lumpiang shanghai cooking, family, sketches
Mar 21Learning more about Websphere and web service development 1 development, geek, ibm
Mar 21Pirate kitties 1 cat, sketches
Mar 20Weekly review: Week ending March 18, 2011 weekly
Mar 19Spring! gardening, life, sketches
Mar 18Cats: 0, toilet paper monster: 1; also, ArtRage and Autodesk Sketchbook Pro cat, drawing, family, life, sketches
Mar 17Decision trees and self-challenges: how my laptop’s recent battery failure is a great excuse to think 6 analysis, decision, geek, kaizen
Mar 16Thinking about a developer setup template 6 geek, ibm, kaizen, work
Mar 15Recipes: Coconut cocktail bun recipe 2 cooking, cookordie
Mar 14Continuing experiments with Slideshare’s Zipcast web conferences 3 speaking
Mar 14Coconut buns and the economics of home awesomeness 2 cooking, family, life, love, reflection
Mar 13Get More Value from Blogging, Part VII: Inspiring Yourself and Inspiring Others 2 blogging, tips, web2.0, writing
Mar 12Weekly review: Week ending March 11, 2011 weekly
Mar 11Math and energy learning, life, teaching
Mar 10Trying MemoLane (social timeline) 3 web2.0
Mar 9Leveling up as a developer! 2 geek, ibm, work
Mar 8Quick notes from Emacs Org-mode talk at GTALUG 7 emacs, presentation, speaking
Mar 8Can’t see cross-domain images in your Flash file? Make a crossdomain.xml 2 geek
Mar 6Monthly review: February 2011 monthly
Mar 5Weekly review: Week ending March 4, 2011 weekly
Mar 5Presentation experiment: Shy Connector, Six Steps to Sharing, and other presentations in March! 1 presentation, speaking
Mar 4Get More Value from Blogging, part VI: Let’s Get Down to Business blogging, business, career, tips, web2.0, work, writing
Mar 3Questions and answers from #infoboomSC tweetchat on blogging 1 blogging, tips, web2.0, writing
Mar 1Get More Value from Blogging, part V: Communication Matters 1 blogging, tips, web2.0, writing
Mar 1Dealing with intimidating projects 2 career, ibm, work