November 2012

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Nov 30Sketchnotes: The 5 Key Elements of a Better B2B Content Marketing Strategy–Nolin LeChasseur 1 sketchnotes
Nov 29Awesome Foundation Toronto pitch night: Kensington Mesh Network, Women and Tech, Lovecraft TO, 360 Screenings sketchnotes
Nov 28Sketchnotes from #ENT101: Business Model Canvas–Mark Zimmerman 2 sketchnotes
Nov 28Getting ready for my Hardlines Dealer Conference talk: So You Don’t Have an Army of Online Marketers 1 speaking
Nov 26Growing into an artist 3 Uncategorized
Nov 24Weekly review: Week ending November 23, 2012 weekly
Nov 23Made my largest sketchnote ever! Painting the MaRS Lean Startup Day banner 4 sketchnotes
Nov 22Sketchnotes: Venus Ventures Town Hall sketchnotes
Nov 21Sketchnotes from #ENT101: IP Management – Creating Value by Protecting Knowledge-based Assets – Nathaniel Lipkus, Matthew Powell, Ashlee Froese 1 sketchnotes
Nov 21Tweaking my scheduling process for delegation 4 delegation, process
Nov 20Capturing my sketchnotes with Camtasia Studio Pro; organizing the digital workflow 2 drawing
Nov 19Sketchnotes: Girl Geeks Toronto: Vexed in the City 1 sketchnotes
Nov 19When your personal value proposition shifts 2 life
Nov 18New: Quantified Self Meetup Map! quantified
Nov 17Weekly review: Week ending November 16, 2012 weekly
Nov 16Investing time–and money—to help make good things happen 1 life
Nov 15Sketchnotes from #torontob2b: Dragging an Organization into the Digital Age; 7 Steps to Social Media Success sketchnotes
Nov 14MaRS ENT101: Meet the Entrepreneurs: Life Sciences & Healthcare – Peter Adams, Joel Ironstone, Trevor Van Mierlo, Alex Hodgson 1 sketchnotes
Nov 12Validating ideas and working with other people 3 business
Nov 10Weekly review: Week ending November 9, 2012 weekly
Nov 9Buying time: Experimenting with scheduling business, delegation
Nov 8Sketchnotes: ENT101: Value Proposition–Joe Wilson 1 sketchnotes
Nov 7Sketchnotes: #INNOTalkTO Innovatively Speaking – Joanna Track, Justin Raymond, David Nam, Brenda Rideout sketchnotes
Nov 6Discovering the MaRS #startupbookclubTO: The $100 Startup 5 reading
Nov 5Weekly review: Week ending November 3, 2012 weekly
Nov 4Sketchnotes from WordCamp Developers Toronto 2012 Day 2 #wcto 1 conference, sketchnotes, wordpress
Nov 4Coming up with a three-word life philosophy 6 learning, reflection, sketches
Nov 3Sketchnotes: WordCamp Developers Toronto 2012 Day 1 (#wcto) 4 conference, sketchnotes, wordpress
Nov 2Business experience report: Filing taxes! 5 entrepreneurship
Nov 1Figuring out how to get better at following up with people in person 3 connecting