December 2012

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Dec 31Emacs Org: Display a subset of tasks by context emacs, org
Dec 30Stocking up on chicken stock stock stock cooking
Dec 30Visual book review: Running Lean–Ash Maurya 1 visual-book-notes
Dec 29Weekly review: Week ending December 28, 2012 weekly
Dec 28Experience report: Designing my logo 3 business, marketing
Dec 272012 as a sketch 3 sketches, yearly
Dec 26Blog analysis for 2012: ~133,000 words so far 7 blogging, quantified
Dec 25Decision: No Illustrator CS6 for now 9 decision, drawing
Dec 24Year in review: 2012 1 review, yearly
Dec 23Emacs: Strike through headlines for DONE tasks in Org 14 emacs, org
Dec 23Weekly review: Week ending December 21, 2012 weekly
Dec 22Experience report: Naming my company! 3 entrepreneurship, experiment
Dec 21Understanding how I’m changing as a speaker kaizen, speaking
Dec 20Delegation: Being clear about what you value 3 delegation, kaizen, reflection
Dec 19Quantified Self: Learning from a year of time data and planning what to tweak in 2013 3 quantified
Dec 18Imagining sketchnotes as a business 4 business, planning, sketchnotes
Dec 17Tips for growing as a sketchnoter 2 drawing, kaizen, sketchnotes
Dec 16Decision review: Art class (includes sketches) 5 decision, drawing, review, sketches
Dec 15Weekly review: Week ending December 14, 2012 weekly
Dec 14One to three, that’s all 1 business, reflection
Dec 13Monthly reviews: October and November 2012 monthly, review
Dec 12My digital sketchnoting workflow 19 process, sketchnotes
Dec 12Sketchnotes: #ENT101 Meet the Enterpreneurs: Social Innovation – Izzy Camillieri, IZ Adaptive; Kaela Bree, AussieX; Dessy Daskalav, Greengage Mobile 1 sketchnotes
Dec 12Experiment pre-mortem: Imagining and dealing with causes of failure 5 experiment, sketches
Dec 11Visual book review: The Sketchnote Handbook–Mike Rohde 6 visual-book-notes
Dec 11Visual book notes: Best Practices Are Stupid: 40 ways to Out-Innovate the Competition–Stephen M. Shapiro 1 visual-book-notes
Dec 10Delegation: How I hire and manage my virtual team 3 delegation, kaizen, management
Dec 9Weekly review: Week ending December 7, 2012 weekly
Dec 8Investing time into building sketchnotes as a business 2 business
Dec 7Poach my assistants, they’re awesome 11 delegation
Dec 6Sketchnotes: The Very Versatile Drip–Mathew Sweezey (Pardot) sketchnotes
Dec 6Sketchnotes: ENT101 Business Plan and Other Communication Tools–Veronika Litinski sketchnotes
Dec 5Sketchnotes: Visual Problem-solving–Dan Roam (DAN ROAM!) 4 drawing, sketchnotes
Dec 5Delegation update: Scheduling! 4 delegation
Dec 4Sketchnote reflection: conference intensity 1 drawing, kaizen, reflection
Dec 4Business update: Tax update business
Dec 3Sketchnotes: Lean Startup Day 5 sketchnotes
Dec 2Weekly review: Week ending November 30, 2012 weekly
Dec 2Sketchnotes: Angel Hack Toronto pitches! 5 sketchnotes
Dec 1Networking with notes – and sketchnotes, in particular connecting