December 2013

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Dec 31Learning from online role models 1 learning, tips
Dec 30Sharing Google Docs: One link to edit, one link to view 13 geek, tips
Dec 28Weekly review: Week ending December 27, 2013 weekly
Dec 27Exploring the idea of advice 4 connecting
Dec 26A year of drawing my own content drawing
Dec 25Daily blogging and different interests 2 blogging
Dec 24Making the most of paper notes 8 organization
Dec 23Semi-custom messages with text expanders geek, tips
Dec 21Weekly review: Week ending December 20, 2013 weekly
Dec 20HHO004: Irresistible Helpouts Helpers Help Out
Dec 20Exploring limiting beliefs life
Dec 19Doodle Thursday: lesson 3 and 4 drawing
Dec 18Pens are not the limiting factor for writing 4 writing
Dec 17Read more effectively by asking yourself questions while you read 2 learning, tips
Dec 16Automating bulk web stuff with iMacros 2 geek
Dec 15Monthly review: November 2013 2 monthly, review
Dec 14Weekly review: Week ending December 13, 2013 weekly
Dec 13On introversion and friendships friends
Dec 12Doodle Thursday: Going through BrainDoodles’ lessons 4 drawing
Dec 11Check out these getting started guides – suggest more! 2 learning, sketches, tips
Dec 10Make the most of a day of lectures learning, tips
Dec 9Decision review: Clipboard managers, and why you should get one 5 geek, tips
Dec 8Weekly review: Week ending December 6, 2013 weekly
Dec 6HHO003: Building a Brand Helpers Help Out
Dec 6Making decisions that don’t matter that much to me 8 decision
Dec 5Update: Developing thoughts further drawing, writing
Dec 4Think about your delta: increasing the difference you want to make 6 learning, plans
Dec 3Rock those meeting minutes 1 productivity
Dec 2Setting up virtual machines with Vagrant 1 geek
Dec 1Quick show update: Learning Together #01, Helpers Help Out #02 podcast, podcasting