Nov 1 How I organize and publish my sketches blogging, drawing, organization, sketches
Nov 2 Weekly review: Week ending November 1, 2013 weekly
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Nov 4 Emacs Org Mode Customization Survey emacs, org
Nov 5 Mapping what I’m learning drawing, learning
Nov 6 Experience report/invitation: Pick my brain through Google Helpouts connecting, teaching
Nov 7 Handwriting drawing
Nov 8 High energy and low energy activities productivity
Nov 10 Weekly review: Week ending November 8, 2013 weekly
Nov 11 Current state of my backups geek
Nov 12 Thinking about how to get better at asking questions learning
Nov 13 Google Helpouts Update: People like it, so how do we scale this up? connecting, teaching
Nov 14 It’s okay to draw simple visual notes drawing
Nov 15 Making the most of Standard Time as the days grow shorter life, productivity, time
Nov 17 Weekly review: Week ending November 15, 2013 weekly
Nov 18 My new Google Hangouts On Air checklist, plus upcoming Nov 29 Q&A on learning process
Nov 19 Finding the right balance between thinking, learning, doing, and reviewing learning
Nov 20 Google Helpouts update: Building the community connecting
Nov 21 How to cheat when animating sketches drawing, geek, process, tips
Nov 22 Decluttering and reimagining the house life
Nov 23 HHO001: Strategies for free and paid listings Helpers Help Out
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Nov 28 Sketchnote: Visual Thinkers Toronto – Mapping sketchnotes
Nov 29 Simplifying my event commitments; tips for people looking for event sketchnotes business, life
Nov 30 HHO002: Communicating with Customers Helpers Help Out
Nov 30 Weekly review: Week ending November 29, 2013 weekly