November 2013

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Nov 30Weekly review: Week ending November 29, 2013 weekly
Nov 29HHO002: Communicating with Customers Helpers Help Out
Nov 29Simplifying my event commitments; tips for people looking for event sketchnotes business, life
Nov 28Sketchnote: Visual Thinkers Toronto – Mapping 4 sketchnotes
Nov 27Google Helpouts update: Helping people learn, thinking about business strategies connecting
Nov 26How I review my notes 1 learning, tips
Nov 25Emacs Chat: Magnar Sveen (Emacs Rocks) 9 emacs, Emacs Chat, podcast
Nov 24Weekly review: Week ending November 22, 2013 weekly
Nov 22HHO001: Strategies for free and paid listings Helpers Help Out
Nov 22Decluttering and reimagining the house 2 life
Nov 21How to cheat when animating sketches 1 drawing, geek, process, tips
Nov 20Google Helpouts update: Building the community connecting
Nov 19Finding the right balance between thinking, learning, doing, and reviewing 6 learning
Nov 18My new Google Hangouts On Air checklist, plus upcoming Nov 29 Q&A on learning process
Nov 17Weekly review: Week ending November 15, 2013 weekly
Nov 15Making the most of Standard Time as the days grow shorter 2 life, productivity, time
Nov 14It’s okay to draw simple visual notes drawing
Nov 13Google Helpouts Update: People like it, so how do we scale this up? 11 connecting, teaching
Nov 12Thinking about how to get better at asking questions 4 learning
Nov 11Current state of my backups 12 geek
Nov 9Weekly review: Week ending November 8, 2013 4 weekly
Nov 8High energy and low energy activities 6 productivity
Nov 7Handwriting 7 drawing
Nov 6Experience report/invitation: Pick my brain through Google Helpouts 9 connecting, teaching
Nov 5Mapping what I’m learning 12 drawing, learning
Nov 4Emacs Org Mode Customization Survey 1 emacs, org
Nov 3Monthly review: October 2013 monthly, review
Nov 2Weekly review: Week ending November 1, 2013 weekly
Nov 1How I organize and publish my sketches 2 blogging, drawing, organization, sketches