March 2015

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Mar 31What do I want to get ready for next? experiment
Mar 30Sketched Book – Self-compassion: Stop Beating Yourself Up and Leave Insecurity Behind – Kristin Neff visual-book-notes
Mar 29Weekly review: Week ending March 27, 2015 review, weekly
Mar 27Quantified Self: How can you measure freedom? quantified
Mar 26The balance between doing and improving – evaluating yak-shaving 8 emacs, learning
Mar 25Dipping my toes into the ETF waters 2 finance
Mar 24Learning to live slowly 7 experiment
Mar 23Sketched Book – The Obstacle Is The Way: The Timeless Art of Turning Trials into Triumph – Ryan Holiday 8 philosophy, visual-book-notes
Mar 22Weekly review: Week ending March 20, 2015 review, weekly
Mar 20The imperfect fungibility of time: thinking about how to use money to accelerate learning learning
Mar 19Emacs Hangout 2015-03-18 show notes 7 emacs
Mar 18Thinking about when I enjoy helping people 4 teaching
Mar 17A reflection on otium 2 philosophy
Mar 16How can I make better use of my index card drawing process? 4 drawing, learning
Mar 15Weekly review: Week ending March 13, 2015 review, weekly
Mar 13Future pull and the power of imagination planning
Mar 12Enjoy the prep work productivity
Mar 11Emacs Org Mode and the power of plain text 12 emacs, org
Mar 10Getting better at writing other-directed posts writing
Mar 9Sketched Book – The Checklist Manifesto: How to Get Things Right – Atul Gawande 5 kaizen, visual-book-notes
Mar 8Monthly review: February 2015 monthly, review
Mar 7Weekly review: Week ending March 6, 2015 review, weekly
Mar 6Alternatives to sitting meditation: How I clear my mind 6 reflection
Mar 5Cultivate memories deliberately 1 life
Mar 4Getting Helm and org-refile to clock in or create tasks emacs, org
Mar 3Shrinking my learn-do-share-review cycle learning, sharing
Mar 2Sketched Book: Write Faster, Write Better – David A. Fryxell visual-book-notes, writing
Mar 1Weekly review: Week ending February 27, 2015 review, weekly
Mar 1Back to sewing! sewing