June 2015

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Jun 30Emacs Hangout June 2015 emacs
Jun 29Weekly review: Week ending June 26, 2015 review, weekly
Jun 24Summer canada, life
Jun 23Notes from helping with physics teaching
Jun 22Past, present, and future reflection
Jun 21Weekly review: Week ending June 19, 2015 review, weekly
Jun 19Moving past getting things done 1 experiment, reflection
Jun 18Finding missing dates in PostgreSQL 2 geek
Jun 17Working with fragmented thoughts 1 drawing, reflection, writing
Jun 16Using your own Emacs Lisp functions in Org Mode table calculations: easier dosage totals 5 emacs, org
Jun 15Providing values to functions in org-capture-templates 2 emacs, org
Jun 14Weekly review: Week ending June 12, 2015 review, weekly
Jun 12Growth, experiments, and shifting my preferences philosophy, reflection
Jun 11Thinking about problem-solving and sequencing 2 development, learning
Jun 10Tweaking my daily routines for that feeling of progress experiment, life
Jun 9Using Emacs Org Mode tables to calculate doses to buy 2 emacs, org
Jun 8Adding calculations based on time to the Org Agenda clock report 2 emacs, org
Jun 7Weekly review: Week ending June 5, 2015 review, weekly
Jun 5Recreating and enhancing my tracking interface by using Tasker and Javascript android, geek
Jun 4Thinking about simplifying capture on my phone android, geek
Jun 3Thinking about changing interests learning, reflection
Jun 2A deeper dive into absent-mindedness and misplacing things analysis
Jun 2Monthly review: May 2015 monthly, review