September 2005

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Sep 30On boycotts and lower gas prices 1 life
Sep 30Watched improv comedy life
Sep 29Synchronicity !Uncategorized
Sep 29Not joining the Rotary Club connecting
Sep 29More about lectures !Uncategorized
Sep 28On the Philippine Question !Uncategorized
Sep 28Voice messaging network !Uncategorized
Sep 28More collaborative software !Uncategorized
Sep 28Jotspot Live !Uncategorized
Sep 28Collaboration !Uncategorized
Sep 28Cognitive analysis of tagging research
Sep 28Learning changes !Uncategorized
Sep 28Forrester Consumer Forum report !Uncategorized
Sep 28Solopreneurship and the Tipping Point entrepreneurship
Sep 28Finding names: the 100th monkey !Uncategorized
Sep 27Lentil lunacy !Uncategorized
Sep 27Lapping up lentils !Uncategorized
Sep 27What do I want to do with my life? plans
Sep 26On polls and the ‘best’ !Uncategorized
Sep 26Achievement! !Uncategorized
Sep 26David Allen rescues kittens !Uncategorized
Sep 26I didn’t lose the stamps after all! life
Sep 26Not a geek for nothing !Uncategorized
Sep 26Brain Gain Network !Uncategorized
Sep 25On booth babes and sex in technology women
Sep 25Wiki for rolemodels !Uncategorized
Sep 25Looking for role models: Marissa Mayer women
Sep 25Stranger and stranger !Uncategorized
Sep 25Business speaker in the Philippines: Bob Martin, ex-CEO of Walmart philippines
Sep 24More about Spec Ops philippines
Sep 24Annoyed with self 1 life
Sep 24Blog envy emacs
Sep 23Discovering my inner nerd II geek
Sep 23Wrestling with Windows geek
Sep 22Pleased with myself !Uncategorized
Sep 21Headless chicken impression !Uncategorized
Sep 20Changed commenting system !Uncategorized
Sep 20Comments! Finally! emacs
Sep 20Mac !Uncategorized
Sep 19Hmm. Must hack my breathing. !Uncategorized
Sep 19Networking for Geeks: Finding the Bleeding Edge through connecting, geek
Sep 18Pinoy Teachers Network !Uncategorized
Sep 18Awww, how sweet! !Uncategorized
Sep 18Walked for 5 hours today emacs
Sep 18Great job ad !Uncategorized
Sep 18Technology transforming education !Uncategorized
Sep 18Programming languages: Quantity? Quality? I think we’re asking the wrong question. emacs
Sep 17Oooooh. Linux Journal editorial calendar up! geek
Sep 17More about call centers !Uncategorized
Sep 17The Great Merge emacs
Sep 17Remembrance agent for GUIs for the Mac !Uncategorized
Sep 17Pfft. Open source isn’t much better at dealing with this. !Uncategorized
Sep 17Phonecards !Uncategorized
Sep 17Microsoft booth babes !Uncategorized
Sep 16Silk-screening workshop learning
Sep 16Geekwear emacs
Sep 16Places to shop !Uncategorized
Sep 15Discovering exercise !Uncategorized
Sep 14Discovering my inner nerd !Uncategorized
Sep 14Teaching assistantship !Uncategorized
Sep 13ACM training again !Uncategorized
Sep 13Presentation insights from science competitions speaking
Sep 12Spending time with my mom family
Sep 12Life on a good network !Uncategorized
Sep 11Sprinting emacs
Sep 9Planner for Eclipse? emacs
Sep 9Personal productivity reading list productivity
Sep 9New planner tweak: sort tasks by time emacs
Sep 9Notes from meeting with Stephen Perelgut, Neil Ernst and Alvin Chin !Uncategorized
Sep 8What’s this? I’ve been fooled! 2 life
Sep 8Planning reflection emacs
Sep 8Social software !Uncategorized
Sep 8Personalized personal information management systems emacs
Sep 8Research interest: social information systems? !Uncategorized
Sep 8MIE1407F: Engineering Psychology and Human Performance !Uncategorized
Sep 8On social networks !Uncategorized
Sep 7One of the coolest things about publishing your task list !Uncategorized
Sep 6Fixed !Uncategorized
Sep 6Shameless plug for Software Freedom Day !Uncategorized
Sep 4Developing a system !Uncategorized
Sep 4Being in the moment !Uncategorized
Sep 4Love love
Sep 4Lifehack from Mom: Drying your drip-dry and dry-flat clothes? No problem! family
Sep 3Book notes: The 5 patterns of extraordinary careers book
Sep 3Learning how to be an adult !Uncategorized
Sep 2Teaching Carnival !Uncategorized
Sep 2Penguin powwow !Uncategorized
Sep 2Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahoooooooooooo! Published! emacs
Sep 2Book notes: Life Matters book
Sep 2Book notes: Rules for the Road book
Sep 2Book notes: Financial Freedom on $5 a Day book
Sep 1Progress at cooking! cooking