August 2005

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Aug 31Mom’s here! family
Aug 31Geek dinners -Uncategorized
Aug 31Marketing in the age of blogs -Uncategorized
Aug 31Computer literacy project in Ozamiz City, Philippines philippines
Aug 30Maybe I’ve missed my calling… -Uncategorized
Aug 29Voicemail -Uncategorized
Aug 2930-day challenges: Touch three times -Uncategorized
Aug 29I need pictures -Uncategorized
Aug 29The joy of paper -Uncategorized
Aug 29Mom’s trip family
Aug 27Totally blown away -Uncategorized
Aug 26Begging for money on a street corner -Uncategorized
Aug 25Argh. Got my own number wrong. -Uncategorized
Aug 25The faint smell of burnt protein… life
Aug 25Planner tip: What day is it? emacs
Aug 25Wow! Cleared my mail inbox! emacs
Aug 25Burst of productivity, thoughts on maintenance emacs
Aug 24Tried poutine canada
Aug 24My mom’s on her way! family
Aug 24Music in the night -Uncategorized
Aug 24Wahoo! emacs
Aug 23Nethack Girls women
Aug 22Cold -Uncategorized
Aug 22Should I go for the teaching assistantship? -Uncategorized
Aug 22Let’s connect -Uncategorized
Aug 22Congrats to Sam Jacoba, who won a Microsoft Circle of Excellence Award! -Uncategorized
Aug 21Tired but I’m happy friends
Aug 21Surround yourself with exceptional people career
Aug 21Pictures from the lab Uncategorized
Aug 20Way too much exercise emacs, writing
Aug 20Firefox bookmarklet to e-mail a site -Uncategorized
Aug 19Soaked! canada
Aug 18Post your reaction! issues, philippines
Aug 18No talent in the Philippines? Yeah, right. – rant issues, philippines
Aug 18Too chicken to try anything new cooking, cookordie
Aug 18No talent in the Philippines? 3 issues, philippines
Aug 17Trudging home with groceries cooking, cookordie, life
Aug 17Red Flag Deals: Great articles canada
Aug 16Bonding barkada, friends
Aug 16Antispam -Uncategorized
Aug 16A bum in a Google cap -Uncategorized
Aug 15Charity philippines
Aug 15Teaching assistantship teaching
Aug 14New purpose for emacs, productivity, writing
Aug 13Lasagna in the freezer cooking, cookordie
Aug 13Murphy’s Law emacs
Aug 13Netcraft -Uncategorized
Aug 12Exhausted Uncategorized
Aug 12Flowers! =) family, happy
Aug 12Quiet lab Uncategorized
Aug 12Geeks and birthday parties barkada, friends, geek, happy, party
Aug 11Birthdays family, geek
Aug 10Spread the light. Banish the darkness. issues, philippines
Aug 10Moments with my mom cat, family
Aug 10Lifehack: Put your keys near the door life
Aug 10Domain registrar suggestions Uncategorized
Aug 10Primitive anti-spam Uncategorized
Aug 10Bubblegum and string blogging, research
Aug 9Lessons learned: August 1 – August 7 -Uncategorized
Aug 9Survived my first Toastmasters speech! speaking, toastmasters
Aug 8My Web 2.0 – Yahoo’s social search social
Aug 7Level up! cooking, cookordie
Aug 7Getting my own domain name Uncategorized
Aug 7Slightly dissatisfied Uncategorized
Aug 6Rest of my day canada, friends
Aug 6Wonderful day at the science centre canada
Aug 5Changing patterns of computing Uncategorized
Aug 5On mailing lists social
Aug 4Chicken adobo results cooking, cookordie
Aug 4On intelligence and wisdom Uncategorized
Aug 4Finally! Internet! geek
Aug 3Shopping trip life, organizer
Aug 3Shared Computer Access Locally and Abroad geek, philippines
Aug 2Casualty: portable umbrella Uncategorized
Aug 2Chicken adobo and rice cooking, cookordie
Aug 2Toastmasters is fun speaking, toastmasters
Aug 2Gah, my website doesn’t print properly Uncategorized
Aug 2Side Jobs business
Aug 2In Case of Emergency life
Aug 2Lifehacking your groceries life
Aug 1Home economics life
Aug 1Spending plan finance
Aug 1Lessons learned from the past week Uncategorized
Aug 1Divergence japanese