April 2011

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Apr 30"An Easy Method for Beginners in Latin" and macron-insensitive search for Tiddlywiki 1 geek
Apr 30Weekly review: Week ending April 29, 2011 weekly
Apr 29Study group: Flashcards and the Leitner method education, geek, learning, life, teaching
Apr 28Giving a presentation using Autodesk Sketchbook Pro and a web conference 2 kaizen, presentation, sketches, speaking
Apr 28Remote training that rocks ibm, presentation, speaking
Apr 27The enemy of your enemy is your friend: mnemonics and negative integers 2 education, learning, life, teaching
Apr 26Stuff or experiences analysis, decision, finance, life, reflection
Apr 25Writing macrons in Linux for Latin pronunciation 13 emacs, geek, learning
Apr 24Monthly review: March 2011 monthly
Apr 23Weekly review: Week ending April 22, 2011 weekly
Apr 22Back in the garden, the perennials are coming back gardening, life
Apr 21Mr. Fluffers: Stray or not stray? analysis, cat, decision, life
Apr 20Compost magic and happiness gardening, life
Apr 19Making better use of travel time 1 kaizen, life, time, travel
Apr 18Learning from my mood data geek, quantified
Apr 17Study group update: negative numbers, exponents, and awesomeness learning, life, teaching
Apr 16Weekly review: Week ending April 15, 2011 weekly
Apr 15Three cat life 1 cat, kaizen, life
Apr 14Using behavioural economics to motivate yourself when working on risky projects 2 analysis, career, work
Apr 13Still cold? Wear a hat to bed life, tips
Apr 12Math study group: Positive and negative numbers 4 education, learning, life, teaching
Apr 11On developing a reputation for project work 2 ibm, mentoring, work
Apr 10Weekly review: Week ending April 8, 2011 weekly
Apr 9Writing more about life 3 blogging, decision, writing
Apr 8Decision review: Battery 2 geek
Apr 7Spousonomics: Using economics to master love, marriage, and dirty dishes analysis, book, love, reading, research
Apr 6Why we use more than math textbooks and general-purpose resources 7 learning, teaching
Apr 5Helping kids learn algebra 6 learning, life, teaching
Apr 4Setting up Ruby on Rails on a Redhat Enterprise Linux Rackspace Cloud Server 4 development, geek, rails, ruby, work
Apr 4The Busy Person’s Guide to Learning from the Network (a guide for IBMers) 4 ibm, learning, presentation, tips, work
Apr 3Starting up our garden 1 gardening
Apr 2Weekly review: Week ending April 1, 2011 weekly
Apr 1Running the Selenium IDE testing plugin with Firefox 4 development, geek